Education – is it important?

Thanks for sharing this.. Supports our belief as well “Education is everything”


This has been a surprisingly difficult question for me to answer recently.  Living here, you see a different side of life, and what’s important to people, and their way of living, and I’ve started questioning things I’d never thought I’d question.  Why do we force all kids to go to school, when they could be earning money or learning a trade or farm work that is most likely to be their future?  Education is often a struggle – crowded classrooms, unmotivated and unqualified teachers, lack of materials.  The curriculum is in parts completely irrelevant, and students often have to drop out of school to work and earn money for food, or to help their family in some way.  The education system used across the world is pretty much the same – but why is that, when life varies so much across cultures?  How can sitting in a school all day…

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