Story : Misunderstanding happens…

The train is over crowded and cursed my fate for getting into this compartment. People are pushing each other, hardly I could stand on two legs. My age too a factor, I am in my 50s.

To add further annoyance one fellow in his early twenties I guess, keep poking me with his elbow on the pretext of texting on his mobile. “Excuse me” but he seems not to listen to me or bother about me. At times he tries his luck to peek a view of a girl at the other end of the compartment (ladies side) by leaning against me; that girl too is looking at this chap. Think she’s to replying him, I could sense from the similar reactions on their faces.

I want to advise him to resume his texting after getting down from the train. I cannot avoid but his big mobile screen is flashing on my face. “Get down at the next stop dear…”  ‘Delivered to Payal’ beeped the mobile. I am giving a breath of relief that this annoying fellow will get down finally.

The train is slowing down, that girl is getting ready to get down. This chap as a final note, pushing me side wards to get down. “Idiot!” I yelled at him. He is looking directly into my eyes. “What?” I asked a bit annoyed. He is searching for something in his pockets, by now the train stopped.

He took his mobile out, typed something and shown to me. I have no words or expressions how to react to it. He typed “I am sorry sir” and he got down. I have seen the girl joining him with a smile, holding each others hand. They are communicating something in sign language. Their eyes turned towards my direction searching me.

With no clue of how to react I offered a smile, He again said “Sorry” in sign language by pointing his hand towards his heart and smiled back. The train is moving again, with my glued eyes till they disappear from my sight.


 – Din


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