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You must have seen the classic Black or White song by Michael Jackson? Especially for that Face changing (morphing) effect. Well, that is not at all a difficult trick to learn. Now a days advanced morphing softwares made it even more, easier. FantaMorph is one of the leading software for doing image morphing animations.

By the way, what is Morphing? 

Morphing is a special effect in motion pictures and animations that changes (or morphs) one image or shape into another through a seamless transition. Most often it is used to depict one person turning into another through technological means or as part of a fantasy or surreal sequence. Traditionally such a depiction would be achieved through cross-fading techniques on film. Since the early 1990s, this has been replaced by computer software to create more realistic transitions.

  • Use morphs to express yourself. Transform your friends into their favorite celebrities or your Dad into his favorite author. Morph two people together to see what it would look like if they had children (just kidding). Twisting reality can help us better understand it.
  • Experimenting with morphing software is without consequence. Once you’re done distorting your face, you can look in the mirror and breathe easy when you see nothing has changed.
  • Don’t hesitate to pull out all the stops to put on a good show for whoever is going to look at what you morphed. Keep them rolling with your extravagant, entertaining morphs.
  • Add dynamic morphs to your favorite videos. Inspire tears or hysterical laughter with your changes and enhancements.
  • You can create simple morphs or complex creations with morphing software.


A brief history:

Computer-animated morphing was used in the 1974 Canadian animation Hunger.

In the early 1990s computer techniques that often produced more convincing results began to be widely used. These involved distorting one image at the same time that it faded into another through marking corresponding points and vectors on the “before” and “after” images used in the morph. For example, one would morph one face into another by marking key points on the first face, such as the contour of the nose or location of an eye, and mark where these same points existed on the second face. The computer would then distort the first face to have the shape of the second face at the same time that it faded the two faces. To compute the transformation of image coordinates required for the distortion.

Later, more sophisticated cross-fading techniques were employed that vignetted different parts of one image to the other gradually instead of transitioning the entire image at once.

What Softwares are Used?

FantaMorph is morphing software, good to begin with for the creation of photo morphing pictures and sophisticated morph animation effects. The category of this software is Image Editor or Animation in Graphics or Multimedia. FantaMorph supports both Windows and Mac operating system.

Screen shot of working on Fanta morph

You can find more softwares here for morphing.

This is the classic Tamil Ad for a Supari done using morphing.


Courtesy : Wikipedia, TopTenReviews and Fanta Morph


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