A Must Read Story : “Her Last Hero”



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The Last Hero

This story will touch your souls and provoke your thoughts. Please leave your comments.

She started speaking…

Just like many lucky kids, I also can say proudly that my father is my hero. When does “a just another father” turns a hero? It does not demand any special cinematic scenes or a formidable villain to make our man a hero.

I started feeling a hero in my father when he took a stand against the most fearful character in my life. Well, that was the time I started going to school and that character is my teacher Stella, who used to give all the scary assignments on the 2 lined and 4 lined note. I compared that horror of writing 2-3 pages of homework to eating spinach. On Spinach’s case my mother takes the teacher’s place and always insist me to eat them complete. I had no choice because even my father supports her.

But the choice was with me, when it comes to my homeworks. I felt it so tough to complete 2-3 pages and submitted my half done assignments to Teacher-Stella. Gone the day one, day two of her advices and finally she called up my parents to complain against me. 

It was the day my hero emerged. My father reached school and listened to the teacher’s complaints. He advised teacher-Stella that she should allow me some time to pick up writing speed and give less assignments. My father backed me. That angered her and she yelled at my dad that he was careless about his child’s future.

My father turned towards other kids and asked openly “Hey Kids, do you like homework?”. Even I didn’t expect that and we all kids remained silent. Of course, we were at our LKG and our teacher was standing just before us; how could we answer!

“Do not worry, Stella Miss won’t say anything, you can tell” my father insisted us to reply. I was the first girl to raise my hand and say “No”, then a few other kids joined me and then the entire class. I could still remember the reaction on teacher-Stella’s face. 

My father smiled at her. She went on to advise him, “See, this is not the way, which kid  like to do the homework. After all, it’s just 3 pages and takes 10 mins to complete. You should understand and do not encourage kids like this”.

He took my 4 lined note and the assignment “A for Apple, B for Ball, C for Cat” was still incomplete. He gave it to her and asked “Miss Stella are you right or left?” 

“Right!” She replied with a question in her eyes. 

“Fine, then, you take a pencil and try completing these 3 pages in 10 mins, but with your left hand” my father challenged her.

She smiled “Ha ha.. Are you kidding me?”

“No, I am serious, just take it easy. Try once” my father smiled back.

She tried as my father told and she started writing with her left hand. God! She wrote exactly same as how we used to write. The letters wobbled, there are waves and every letter was like Kurkure chips. We all laughed when my father shown it to us, so as the teacher-Stella. 🙂 She could not complete even a single page with neatness. 

She needed no explanation that our tender fingers and her unpracticed left hand faced the same hurdles. My father won that day and homeworks were reduced. Not just alone for me, but for the entire kids.

That day he became my hero.

And today he has become a hero of this entire nation. I may not know what terrorism is all about, I am just a Sixth Class student giving this speech before you. But I am sure you all know what violence and terrorism is all about. I am sure about what a gun is, what a bomb is and what happens when it is fired. They tried to do the same on that school bus. Why they tried to kill school kids? I hope you can find any sense out of it, Can you? No? Right? Yes, I am also unable to find any justice in killing innocents.

My father was not a bomb squad expert. All he could do was to take that bomb and run as far as he could away from the school bus and kids. He did that so well. He saved everyone. But there was no Hero to save my father’s life from that bomb.

But I do have a message to the Terrorists “Thanks for making my Father a Hero in million of hearts, before he was a hero in just a single heart and I request you all terrorists to let my father be The Last Hero”. 

Thank you all.

She completed addressing the crowd and the national media, filling millions of eyes with tears and gratitude. There she goes along with her mother to collect the Bravery Award for her Father and her Last Hero.

- Written by Din

Submitted at WEP : What comes to mind for the March WEP challenge – Through the eyes of a child? Rewriting a passage from a child’s POV? A montage of images through the eyes of a child? A poignant or exhilarating poem? A non-fiction piece told from a child’s POV? The possibilities are limitless!

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34 thoughts on “A Must Read Story : “Her Last Hero”

  1. Reblogged this on PROPEL STEPS and commented:

    A kind request, we have submitted this story for a Tallenge Story contest. If you like this story, Please vote here http://tlng.me/S36KgZ Thank you 🙂


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  3. Hi Dinesh. I’ve been back so many times to try to comment, but Word Press is difficult at times when you are a blogspot blog.

    I found this story very touching Through the eyes of a child. The father was definitely the hero and this is often the case. I’m a teacher and I can understand the teacher’s point of view too. A very difficult profession at times.

    Thank you for linking this to WEP. It has been great to read it.

    My blog can be found here:


    as I’ve had to use my facebook account to comment here…




    • Dear Denise,

      First a big thanks for your feedback and taking your time out irrespective of wordpress vs blogspot difficulty. (probably creating a gravatar account would help a lot in this case)

      The most valuable profession that I respect a lot is the Teaching Profession. Which holds the key of everything in it. Though I am not a traditional teacher, I am too a person who teach youngsters in other way around as a trainer 🙂 So we are on the same boat. I echo your opinion (you can find some of my views here https://propelsteps.wordpress.com/2013/09/09/7-habits-of-efficient-teachers/)

      I glad to know WEP and You via WEP, sure I will visit your blog and stay in touch. Your feedback encourages this beginner a lot 🙂



  4. The end was unexpected, sad story but well narrated !


  5. A bittersweet story. It happens too often these days. I always supported my children as well, if the teacher didn’t make any sense with their comments or assessments. Too often a teacher will lose sight of her audience, the kids. Well done.


    • May be the teacher in this case do so, there are a few exceptionally good teachers as well. Regardless of what kind of teacher the kids get, parents can always ensure their kids as a supportive parents who understands them. As like you do for your kids 🙂 Kudos.

      Thanks a lot for taking your time to read and commenting, please visit the blog whenever feasible. You are always welcome.



  6. I love the way her father is her hero and stands up to the teacher but I wasn’t expecting the ending, he is a true hero.


  7. Good take on the prompt. Violence robs children of their childhood, directly sometimes as in this story, indirectly at others. Nice to meet you.
    Best wishes,


  8. I can well imagine this character’s father winning over a whole boatload of kids with that trick in the classroom. )


  9. Thank you for sharing this with us Dinesh. It is what I call a “heart” story. It comes from the heart. I hurt for this young child, but also feel her pride and love. I’m only sorry she must now live her life without her father to guide her future steps, or will she? Already she is living with her memory of him guiding her. Nicely done.


    • Thank you Lisa. By luck, I landed on your blog and it is a wonderful initiative. It’s so nice to see many people write on a same theme and get to know their perspectives. 🙂 Thanks again for taking time to give a feedback, it means a lot for a beginner like me.


  10. This was so simply written yet heartfelt. The innocence of the child protagonist was well conveyed! 🙂


  11. Really a sad story & so well-expressed, Din. I am wiping my tears.
    Hope there is no terrorism to take away heroes.


    • Thanks Anita ji, Life goes on fine for many till that moment of sadness strikes. That’s what happened unfortunately to that little girl. Somewhere it is happening that souls are lost to violence. let us pray and hope that everyone realizes the value of a soul.


  12. I was already jumping up and down my seat at havin found a WP blog from IB.. doesn’t happens a lot, but THIS story… I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT.. I feel very strongly for terrorism and war and the father- daughter bond.. I AM SOLD TO THIS POST.. and yes, i criiieeed too and i have reallly fat eyes because of all the crying but these are the posts that make me happy to cry because it proves that my heart is alive and kicking…

    I wish no little girl loses his hero daddy… why can’t the terrorists understand such simple silly things continues to baffle me… every war is a loss.


    • Thank you so much for giving such feedback full of life in it. I am glad that you liked this story and wonder even I could write something worthy for others.

      Not getting a good feel because I wrote something, there are excellent writers out there like you all. I am no where near, I need to cross check twice for errors and make a lot of mistakes. But it’s all you kind people who give some feedback and boosting me. Thanks and I value everyone’s words. I mean it.

      Even that question about terrorism is there in my mind, which i converge to a point which has all the key ” Selfishness” If we care a little for others we cannot have evil thoughts in our soul. Hope for a better tomorrow. Till then we do whatever we can, when they can spread violence, we too can spread peace and love. 🙂

      You are always welcome here.


      • We are all great writers.. never sell yourself short.. there is no one who can write your own thoughts and emotions better than you.. sure, some people are gifted but that doesn’t makes your gift any less valuable.

        when i read the works of those i love, i often say to myself.. damn, i wish i could write like this.. but then it slips my mind if i wrote exactly like that,. i would not have my “own”

        SO, an excellent story and it’s all YOURS.. your worth and powerfully beautiful 🙂


  13. It’s such a sweet little story and the best part I liked is the unsaid understanding parents have for a child’s problems ….expressed beautifully 🙂


    • Hmmm.. 🙂 In fact, that was the original one liner of the story when I started writing, rest all developed around it as I continued writing the story. You got the right. Thanks a lot for reading and sharing your feedback.


  14. Superb one Dinesh…. I truly loved it. Wow. (y)


  15. Who said you are not another Chetan Bhagat in making? You definitely have a great story teller in you Dinesh.. Lovely red… For every girl ,her father is her super-hero…


  16. Speechless. (When the teacher responded that she is ‘Right’, you forgot to mention that her father insisted the teacher to write with her left hand.)


    • You observed so accurately Apurv 🙂 I have added it. Thank you. Your feedback helps a lot to see my areas of improvement constructively. I wish you comeback whenever you have time and if my works deserves your interest. You are always welcome 🙂 Thanks again Apurv


  17. To every child , her/ his father is a hero..and you’ve greatly portrayed that fact in this story…


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