A Thought can Change #2

Words by Din1

The Gap between the rich and poor is the simple reflection of a Society’s fortune. Evidently those countries which have lesser gap, enjoys a happy life. Philosophically, it is the truth that crime arises from two places, one from where money is excessive beyond needs and another where there is no money available even for a basic need.

Imagine, the origin of birth of a rich / poor kid is not in their hands. Since then, everything is different, what they eat, wear, commute, habitat, play, etc. Why not we just exclude education from it and make it equal for a better tomorrow? Why we designed such an educational system which favours only the rich with opportunities not the poor? The ball is in our court.

– Words by Din


2 thoughts on “A Thought can Change #2

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  2. Politics designed to favour the wealthy at the expense of the poor is human kinds worst trait! Love your posts by the way, sorry I don’t get to read all of them.


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