Weird Maya and the God’s Jigsaw game!


Imagine a world without the senses. Even we cannot know what is a light or a sound, there would be no bitterness or sweetness, we can breathe but we cannot feel the air! Is it weird? Yes, but it is the reality. The five sense organs transmit information to our brain via some nerves and the Brain works on interpreting the signals in some way and decides how we should feel the information. If it says a colour blue, then it’s the blue, sour food, then the taste is sour, to differentiate a slap from a tap.

So there is no guarantee that a blue is really a blue outside, a beautiful person we perceive may be the opposite in reality. Nobody can prove it, but we all have the common programming in our brains, so we all collectively agreed to such protocols of life.

Am I at a distance from you? May be we both perceive so and choose to believe that as a fact. Since our physical laws are bounded by the perceptions, we cannot defy them. Even scientists could not defy this logic of perceived reality around us.

What is this world then? Are we real beings or someone dreaming somewhere and yet to wake up? May be in the long past, we might have slipped  into a sleep and we were born here and will we wake up once we die? This could be a long dreaming in this world and our real world could be somewhere else 🙂

Everything around us is nothing but a sensory perception of our brain, in fact nobody knows what the world actually is! When I realized it, I find no meaning than eternity in anything. All the discrimination people see are a mere illusion sedimented on our brains. At this point of realization we find no reason to hate one another.

May be it could be the God, who programmed all us in this way. We should solve this jigsaw puzzle on our own, with love and kindness. However, this is a fascinating system we could ever unveil. It’s ‘Maya’ everything and everywhere (illusion), in which we thrive to find a meaning.

 – Words by Din


3 thoughts on “Weird Maya and the God’s Jigsaw game!

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  2. Wise words… No illusion in that 🙂


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