Story : “Is it really your home?”

If you have a story or a reason behind your decision on why you choose your profession / career, then you worth it. So do I…

Diary Date: March 15, 1990

I used to this mild darkness of the dusk. Because I have been riding my bicycle on the same streets, since my class 4th. Now I have reached class 7. I know every nook and corner of the entire stretch of 6 kms between my home and my school.

“Why it is so dark today?” I asked myself. I noticed something different that it is getting unusually darker so early. So I increased the speed of my riding. To my bad luck a wheel got punctured. So the rest of the two kms I need to walk. I started walking, pushing my cycle along.

It’s almost dark as night and just hardly a kilometer more to reach my home. I felt something so strange.

“Someone is following me, or I am just imagining” I ignored it as a hallucination of the darkness and increased my walking speed. But my intuition said that something was wrong and I was followed by someone. I turned back to sneak a look to find no one and there was nothing but the bushes either sides of the road. I was scared a bit.

“There comes that Uncle’s tea shop”, I decided to ask that uncle for help. Our family knows him well. There was no one than him in his shop, lit by a hurricane lamp. I walked towards his shop and I kept looking my back for that mystic person who follows me.

He smiled at me and asked “Your cycle got punctured?”.

“Yes, uncle, can you drop me at home?”

“Wait for a minute I am about to close the shop, you sit here”, he directed me to a bench there.

I looked back at the road to confirm that no one follows me now. There was some movement in the bushes.

“Uncle… Look..” as I about to tell him, all in a jiffy that uncle pulled me inside the shop forcibly and closed the wooden door.

We could peep through the door that something jumped out from that bush on to that bench and my escape was so narrow. Soon, we started shouting. People rushed from the nearby streets for help and we could not find anything / anyone. That creature should have disappeared into the bushes again. Since it was dark neither the uncle nor I could identify what the creature was.

That uncle dropped me home safe and people were predicting that the creature should be a monkey searching for some food. That night I could not sleep properly. I thought it could be a devil.

It was chaos everywhere in the next morning, “A cheetah entered the village, stay inside your home till we capture the beast alive or dead, Do not come out until we announce safety” the forest officials announced the warning message.

We live in a small village and it is the most scenic place I have ever seen. Near by are hills and the valley is full of flowers and birds. Once upon a time there used to be a lot of deers and monkeys, but now we do not know where they have disappeared. Rarely a few comes on our way. This Cheetah warning surprised me and everyone.

I asked my father and got to know that our people forgot Cheetahs, which lived a long time before here, when our villages were a part of the jungle out there. Our generation has never seen a free Cheetah before.

Two days passed, the Cheetah was captured and everyone came out of their home to see the beast, which killed a half a dozen of cattle in that two days and attacked four humans. Everyone was telling me that I was lucky that day to escape from this Cheetah.

They dragged that bleeding animal to a vehicle. It was a female, pregnant and her eyes were still open. As I looked directly into her eyes, which asked me“Is it really your home? she closed her eyes for one last time. She died in the same place, which once upon a time was her home! Who knows, she might have played here as a cub with her coalition. (A group of cheetahs)

I walked back home with no answer to the question of her eyes! 

Today March 15, 2000

I am writing the answer to that Cheetah’s Question “It was your home and will be your home, hereafter”. Tomorrow I will be joining as a forest ranger, with the answer.

– Words by Din

Is it your home

This story is a fiction, but based on facts irrespective of our nationalities, deforestation affects all of us and the animals. Urbanization and Deforestation is not a sign of development, but destruction of nature. It is our responsibility to ensure our developments are sustained by nature as well as technology. After all earth is their home too. Just ensure you choose a career which you love at heart and soul, then you are hardly expected to do any injustice to it; so it helps the society as well to have right professionals.

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