A Thought can Change #3

Why we kill Mosquitoes? Obviously, they spread diseases, deadly diseases! Of course, they are designed to survive like that by nature. Just like a lion hunting a deer, a fungus grows on a host; mosquitos need blood mostly to survive. Here comes the logic that we hate everything that is potentially a threat to our safe existence. We love butterflies with colourful wings, what if they were supposedly can survive only by sucking our blood? Then we would hate them as we do mosquitoes, which also has wings, though not colourful as a butterfly.

In Mosquitoes case, we lack immunity and that’s our weakness. That little insect thus becomes a hulk-like threat to our survival. So we are overcoming our immune disability by killing them. We hate them for our lack of immunity. 🙂 May sound ironic and I am not an extreme-naturist.

Same in the case of pathogens like viruses, bacteria, etc. Thus, this proves we are supposed to hate and eliminate any such species which is a threat to us. Right?

Then look at the mirror side, we humans are a threat to the livelihood of millions of other species on the earth. Especially to the ones which never cause a harm to humans and even to those species which helps us a lot to survive. Don’t they deserve a chance to hate us and eliminate us? Because according to our own logic, we are a threat to their existence.

Here comes our superiority hold, survival of the fittest. Just think once! Just because we hold supremacy, is it wise to exploit the rest of all other species on the earth? It’s Time to Change!

– Words by Din

Animals Around The World

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