Towards a Better World without the Money

Greed-stops-evolutionMoney is an infection – A disease which we take pleasure to ingest with – What happens wrong in this system?

Say a kid is suffering from a terminal cancer, let the kid be a black or white, an American or a Nigerian we all know a kid is a kid. What does the kid need? Simple. A Cure. Where is it? The cure is with money! Even if someone wants to help that kid from soul, they need money.

People value the worth of everything compared to the money – Hard to agree? – Break it list down the things which you feel cannot be compared with money. Yes, anything you wish. What’s on your list? I may not match exactly, but your list will have these Love, Kindness, God, Compassion, Empathy, Honesty? Am I Correct? I bet you everything in your list will have a dependency on money without which nothing your list will be available for you. If anything you feel still left, that will be added soon.

Money has plagued our society long ago. It may look contrary, that money is doing wonders, making us to progress to the next level. But it does the opposite, keeping us in its spell. Many who read this may ridicule me or may not get this message. You need to mark down, there are plenty like me who will be feeling the same right now. This will grow and someday the system of money will be thrown out.

There is a myth that the world cannot exist without money. Think once. Is the nature and the rest of the species not surviving on this planet without money? They do it well, then why can’t we.

The fundamental logic of life on this planet is coexistence, living beings are expected to live by serving for one another, interdependently. We broke that system when we sought a comfortable life and supremacy over other species. Dominance is no mistake, because it comes as nature that one species always tries to dominate the other to survive, we were no exception. However, we dug our own graves because of our selfishness.

Money is the perfect replica of all the selfishness that we developed. We created a system around money, we became addicted to that system and now we have turned as parasites which dwell on it.

You must be observing the global economy, there must be experts out there who understand it far better than me. The simple question on the economy is why the cost of living is always going higher and higher? Take any country in this world. Why? Experts can answer this on an economic perspective.

Here is the raw truth, there exists no money in this world than in our imagination. Once the numbers had been invented, our brains went so curious to count things and add a value to it. Sooner, money had born. We demanded more money for everything, all the services were made available for money. Need more stuff? Give more money!

Look out what the advertisements insist? They want people to buy regardless of their needs! Well, there is no need for something? Then the corporation will create the need. They put the pressure on people to buy more! For buying more, people need more money! This process goes round and round, with no end to it. Sadly, it is going infinitely upwards. Why the hell we need that paper money, when we could do nothing with it to stop some War, a Global warming, or Poverty!

A Rich man is always having an extra edge than a good hearted poor family. Is that all about talent or exploitation? It is not both, it is a wrong system to which both the rich and the poor have fallen as victims. This is not about some communist thought which again tries to distribute the money equally among all. This is about getting the money out of the picture completely.

You may wonder why I am cribbing here about money! Not because I do not have money like the billionaires, but because I care for you. I care just like someone, somewhere out there, who wonder and worry for a child, which may step in this earth centuries after. Will there be a better world for the child? Will there be a space for a seed to grow as a tree? Will there be a jungle for deers to play? How could a pride of Lion and cubs can live? I have a billion reasons to crib about, because I have my concern on a billion things; just like you, someone who reads this.

This is a message for you that you are not alone. I am here to say that it is no more ‘you’ alone. It’s “We”. We will rise one by one, then by thousands and millions. We will fight together against this money. Weed out the system built around the money. Someday everything will rollback to a good old day. The mother earth will begin her day so happy, with fresh air to all her children. There will be a sustained life and there will be no chaos.

The world will be one, there will be no borders, no religions and no discriminations in any form. There will not be any poor, we will have rich people by the virtues of their character. We will definitely have a place for money in our museums and our history education. We will live in a better system of good deeds.

Towards such a future our journey has already begun, in our thoughts. You and I virtually may not live that far, but it is our purpose to lead the way.

GAME ON! (To be continued… Share your thoughts, till then)

 – Words by Din


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