Story : Cute Love of the Little Hearts

235x96_top-indivine-post“I won’t let you go to her” that was his last words.

She walked towards him.

“I told that I hate you. Because, you never shared anything with me equally, especially my favourite cookies. You also steal my things and hide them somewhere to make me cry. You always fought with me. But mommy told what you did? I am sorry, I do not hate you anymore. So, get well and come back home soon. I need you back to resume our fights 🙂 “

She kept this note beside him with some cookies. “This is your share” she hissed in his ears and walked out of the ICU.

That little boy made the bed wet, and woke up last night. He spotted it near his sleeping sister. He caught it with bare hands and was stung by the highly poisonous scorpion. The parents woke up after hearing his cry. They found him half unconscious, murmuring “I won’t let you go to her”, holding the stinging scorpion in his hand.

– Words by Din

Kids love


6 thoughts on “Story : Cute Love of the Little Hearts

  1. wonderful story.. nicely written…


  2. lovely story to show the most beautiful relationship of the world


  3. Lovely Dinesh.. You surprise me with a lovely story each time i visit..:)


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