Facebook Page calls Virat Kohli a “Rapist” !

Social media is so powerful, celebrities have huge fan base on facebook. especially Indian Cricketers.

Kohli is one such exceptional talent. But a facebook page calls him a Rapist to explain how dangerous he is with the bat. This is how they admire him ( a sick way )

1003603_699819953411617_375564213_nSee Virat Kohli’s strong Zone 

Virat Kohli is not a cricketer..

He is a Rapist

He rapes all the teams whenever he comes to bat

He is a Legend in Making!

Need minimum 5000 Likes for his awesomeness

Even I like Kohli, but this shows the cheap mentality of people to grab some attention by using such cheap way to get reach. Many have complained / commented to remove that post or make appropriate changes, as RAPE is something to define the skills of a batsman, but the admin seems not to bothered. Think he/she imagines that no one can do anything about this. 

On ethical view, it is so cheap to call rape without knowing what it is. This is insult not just to the cricketer, but to the other opponents, humans. The Page admin must ask an apology for this cheap post.

Please complaint against this page or someone take a legal action against such pages who misuse social networking.

Here is that page’s link, report facebook to remove  / ban this page Helicopter Shot.

The screen shot of that post for your reference

Click to enlarge



One thought on “Facebook Page calls Virat Kohli a “Rapist” !

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