Story : The Best Country in the World

There lived a Sage, who traveled across various countries. He preached the values of life to thousands of people. Years passed and he has become so old and decided to live his last days in a country which is the best among all the countries he visited by them.

He called up his disciples to choose the right country for him. The disciples discussed with one another. Some suggested a wealthy country with all the facilities, some suggested where the sage has more followers, some suggested a country with less population so that he can be peaceful without much disturbance. But they could not finalize anything and returned to the sage.

The Sage listened to them and said “I give you a clue, I wish to spend my last days in a country where good people live”. But the disciples were unable to find out a way of how to tell some people good or bad?

They again returned to the sage and asked “Please guide us! How can we define someone good or bad? Because all the people loved you, they all listened to your preaching how can we differentiate?” 

The Sage calmly replied “One who is selfless in his actions and cares for others than he does for himself is a good man”

One of the disciples suggested a country’s name and suggested the sage that is the country where good people live. The Sage asked him to explain how he concluded that decision. He replied “Because people of that country love nature, which is the most selfless act in the world. All the rivers in that country are clean, maintained perennial and animals to live freely there. So I have found that country the best.”

The Sage agreed to his views “You are correct! A clean river is the simple sign of how good a nation is and its people are. A clean river will create the right ecosystem around it, wherever it runs, nature will reward those who saves it”.

He moved there and lived the rest of his life there.

– Din


Moral : The highest degree of selfless living is to take care of the Nature. Any nation which preserves its natural resources is the best nation in the world, not the ones which are richest in terms of money or military or education. Even highly educated people are failures when they miss to understand the nature. Make rivers clean, make countries beautiful!

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