Indian Election 2014 is Bogus at depth!

MemeI keep it so simple, hit the point straight! It is just an outburst of any citizen who truly cares about his country!

Point One : When political parties successfully give money to voters and the (majority) voters receives it gladly! Where the hell is the concept of fair democratic elections are applicable? Where is democracy when Castes and Religions are key players in elections?

Point Two : Many people of my country knew this is happening, including myself. I have seen people who discussed, compared what they got from parties! We are toothless, We are incompetent, We are impotent people. Because We can do nothing about it, this is the unwritten law here! There is no justice in this country! We can play with courts if we have money in the bank and power in the politics, that’s all.

Point Three : Selfish people are more, they in fact become politicians. Same selfish people plays different roles in this country! What kind of future we can expect? A righteous, ethical, moral, democratic… Wait a minute I go laugh and come back. In fact it is the pain of inability making me to write like this. 

Wait! The Point Four : Nothing is permanent, even this inability of many persons like me who wants to change this and wants a change! Selfish people have one highly dangerous deficiency, that will never be rectified. Which is the very nature of selfishness! It is like a double edged sword! That will destroy everything including themselves. Till then, our job is to stay calm, watch and educate people what is happening around. Prepare our next generation to take over the transition from bad to good! 

Education is the only solution. The ones who read this may be or may not be there when the efforts of education bears the fruits, but it is our responsibility and purpose to sow the right seeds! 

– Din


5 thoughts on “Indian Election 2014 is Bogus at depth!

  1. Interesting Blog ,,,, But will more education just lead people to become smarter tricksters? We never know,,,but education definitely is worth fighting for…


    • 🙂 That’s a good perspective. However, for preventing that we cannot purposefully keep anyone ignorant! 🙂 When everyone is educated no smart trickster can fool play anyone, there will be no ignorant people for them to fool. Obviously, as you say we need go through that cycle as we provide more education and enable many. Eventually on a longer run every one will be aware of many things.

      Thanks Rambo 🙂 You are always welcome here.


  2. totally agree with you. education is the only way!! this election has been nothing but a big show of attention seeking and mud slinging politicians who are no better than one another, just wanting to show who is worse…by not bringing out what they did for the people, but by making personal and professional attacks on others…pathetic. been really long…good to be back at your blog 🙂


    • You are always welcome sister 🙂 Glad to get your vote for the points we Indians realizing.

      I echo your every words. Simple marketing tricks, but they cannot do it for long time. We need not to do anything, they themselves will perish. 🙂


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