Story : Syncing Appearance and Behaviour

scared-mouseOnce upon a time a sage lived in a village near a forest. He possessed some magical powers. One day he heard some noise near his hut and found a Mouse trying to find a hide-out. He looked around and he spotted a Cat searching for that mouse. He felt so pity about that mouse and wanted to help it. So he changed the Mouse into a Cat.

A few days later again he saw the cat chased by a dog. He changed the mouse again, from a Cat to a Dog. Some days passed. That dog wagged its tail looking at the Sage and looked so scared. He followed that direction it looked, there was a Cheetah. He thought for a while and decided to make the mouse more powerful. So he changed it into a Tiger! He believed that it will not get scared about any animal there after. He decided to leave that in the forest.

As he neared his hut, the Tiger ran away inside his hut to hide. He wondered what could scare away a Tiger and looked back. He was expecting a Lion or an Elephant this time. But it was none other than the same old house Cat.

He realized that the Mouse remained a mouse inside, regardless of whatever the appearance.

Moral: There is a lot of difference between “Looking like something” and “Being something”. So when we decide to change our weakness, the change must be inside us.

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