Story : Year 2140, Reunion with a Stranger

Set in 2140, Earth was destroyed years before and Humans are forced to live in spaceships, in search of a new home. Their mission is almost completed when the countdown began for landing via voyagers in a planet similar to the Earth. This story is all about a little boy, who was born via cloning in one of the spaceships and his exploration on that new planet! He meets a Dog, for the first time in his life… Also the first time he ever steps on to a land!

Reunion with a stranger

Year 2140: It’s been 3 day-hours since we crash landed on this planet. I am still confined inside my Engulfer.

I remember my caretaker telling tales about a planet called Earth, once where they all had been. She told that it was blue and green once upon a time. I asked her why can’t we go back there and always her answer was “We killed it”. I was barely 6 years old to understand what she says, so I nodded my head most of the times.

Everyone, including my caretaker is dead now, due to the crash. I am the only survivor. It’s my time to step out of this Engulfer, which protected me. I need to explore this planet on my own. I decided and swiped the panel. There it goes, the Engulfer opened.

The air was so strange. It was Greens everywhere; I could feel them soft. On our ship they feed me Greens, but I had never seen so much of them before. As far as my eyes could see, there were Greens. Even some tall greens. Then the air became very comfortable for me.

I decided to walk. “I am sure this is not the planet Earth” I said to myself. Because my caretaker told that they had killed it and searching for some new planet to make a home. I was born in a clone-tub in that ship, since then it’s my caretaker who grown me up. She told me that there were few other Ships too, and there I could find little ones like me.

I walked so long from the crashed voyager, which tired me out. I tried to eat the Greens, but it tasted so weird-bitter. I lay down there looking up the purple sky. There were four moons visible and a distant sun on the opposite side.

I just closed my eyes. A few minutes passed, I could feel some tiny jelly flipper, wetting my face. I returned to consciousness and it was not a dream. That crazy creature was right there before me!

Reunion with a stranger2I jumped and ran a few steps away from it. That thing went so crazy after I jumped, it also started jumping and ran towards me, making some funny noise.

“What should I do? How do I react? Running?” I gathered all my strength and run. That creature too followed me and jumped onto me. Again, I was on the ground and it started wetting my face with that flubby little thing, must be its tongue. As it ran on four legs, I could not beat it running.

As time passed by, I understood one thing so clearly that this creature was so happy seeing me and not going to harm me in any way. I could not control laughing at that Waggy extension on its back, swinging back and forth. I remembered my caretaker telling about dance, humans do on the Earth. So I named that creature Dancer!

Soon Dancer too got tired. It started walking. I do not know what prompted me to follow Dancer, but I went behind.

Dancer took me near a strange stream of liquid, so clear as H2O. Dancer started drinking it with the help of the Flubber in his mouth. There I confirmed it was Dancer’s tongue. With so much fear and thirst, I too decided to drink that liquid. It was H2O. Far tastier than what I used to drink in the ship.

Dancer again resumed walking, so did I. Some jogs, jumps and distance brought some cheers to my face. Yes! Dancer’s home was nothing but one of our Voyager! I could see Dancer’s Waggy extension swinging again in action. Dancer made some crazy sounds “Wooo… Wow..Bow…” There must be someone inside the Voyager.

As my care taker told there could be little ones like me as well.

I must thank Dancer! He returned to me with same crazy sounds with non stop Waggy swings! This could be the LOVE what my caretaker explained me. I hoped I found Earth like home finally! I wished to tell this my caretaker, who always wanted to go home.

I and Dancer started running happily towards the transparent doors of the Voyager!

– Din


8 thoughts on “Story : Year 2140, Reunion with a Stranger

  1. lovely story…a different post for a change 🙂 enjoyed it 🙂


  2. Whoa… whatte imagination!!! dumbstruck – glad to stumble upon this post of yours, worthy and nice!

    ~S(t)ri Writes


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