A Letter To Dirty Politicians “SHUT UP”

A Letter to Dirty Politicians… (Indian)shutup_03

Hey Dirty Indian Politicians! Shut up! We cannot hear your idiotic bashing anymore on other parties whenever a bomb blast occurs! Stop your dirty games! You all have similar faces, but different masks!

The country knows the timeline of bomb blasts very well than you politicians, because it was always us who lost our brothers, sisters, husbands, wives, fathers, mothers and beloved friends. When was the last time any of your relative or a family member was killed in a bomb blast along with the public? Seldom you can show proof. It is always us, our ‘common people’ were chosen as victims! Even when people were burnt alive in train/bus or mass murders in any religious riots, we common people are the targets!

None of such incidents had any names of your families. Go back and search the list of Thousands of victims, we challenge you to find a dozen names from your families! It never happened and will never happen. Because accidents will never occur as planned!

We people are aware that every bomb blast has some political motive behind and any one of your dirty minds behind that work either directly or indirectly. Because it’s you who are going to get the benefits of all the chaos such incidents creates. We have seen nothing but only opposition bashing in most of our political history. You blame them, they blame you and make us fools.

There is no poor or a middle class politician in this country. All of you are either rich or in that process of becoming so. We are tired of your political business. It is becoming so clear day by day that your purpose of politics is your own selfishness, but not the Public interest or a National service. After your personal agenda if you have space, you may think of us and throw some left over crumbs to us. We do not need it anymore.

Democracy means people taking care of people, even a class 3 student can define it to us. If you do not understand or act so smart like you are living for us!, please stop this nonsense. You look so ugly when you play blame games after some of our citizens get killed!

Terrorists, Extremists and Naxals are better names for scapegoats in your dictionary. They do not seem to have any personal agenda of bombing a random train or shooting innocent people in a train station. If we sum up everything and deduce factors, then all the benefits converge at your dirty political business. Even if those anti-social groups actually done such things as their modus operandi, why the hell you are taking advantage of the situation?

We are tired of the political culture of blaming the one other party! For gaining political advantages, please do not play with innocent people’s lives.


*Conditions applied. This is not directly intended on any politician in particular, but addressed to all bad politicians. Who ever are bad, they know themselves well.

– Din


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