A Good Teacher Can Change Life

How Important a Good teacher in every students’ life? Well, the right teacher is powerful enough to change lives of many students positive. If you are a Teacher, be a Good Teacher not just for marks but for their Life. If you are a Student, try finding the right teacher for your Life.

Do you want some Good Mentor? Do you want to be a Good Teacher? 

A teacher need not be always a person who teaches in the school, you can be a Teacher if you have that passion to share your Knowledge and Wisdom You can join our forum here and be a part of our initiatives, wherever you are in the world. You can help the Kids, just by sharing what you know / find / come across and it may help any Kid who needs it.

Video Courtesy : Ministry of Education Singapore (via) YouTube

One thought on “A Good Teacher Can Change Life

  1. its the teachers that teach us how to be .. I am what I am today because of my teachers thanks to them ..


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