Story : Test for Selfish People

face in waterOnce there lived a sage who was enlightened. Many people approached him to become his disciple, but he never accepted all of them. But he accepted a few, based on a test. Yet he used to get promises from them that they should not reveal anything about the test to anyone, irrespective of whether they get selected or not. Due to the respect people had for him, they too never revealed the secret to anyone.

One day, a disciple approached him when he was alone and asked him “I know you made us look at the pond and selected us, may I know why a few of us got selected and many got rejected?”

The Sage replied “Since you asked I will answer you. On that day, when you had looked at the pond, what question did I asked you and what you have answered?”

The Disciple replied “” What is the first thing you see?’ was the question and ‘Fishes’ was my answer”.

“The ones whom I rejected answered that they had seen the reflection of their own face there! I know the water would reflect their faces, but when their mind was thinking all about them, they could see only their faces first but not the fishes! They are selfish centered people by nature.

Whoever cared for others and concerned about other creatures would have seen the fishes first. They are selfless people! So I selected them”

Adapted Story from fables

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