Borrowed Inspirations #1

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Story: Tear Gas, A Pooch and his Thomas

“Chaos everywhere!!! What happened to these humans? They are running here and there, beating one another!” the dog was so confused.

“Here, look they are throwing stones at each other! Hey you man with the mask, Do you know where is my Thomas (the dog’s owner)” the pooch wagged its tail to many out there, with little fear of course.

But the riot took over so serious and the humans had no time to look at this pooch wandered to find his man. 

“Are these humans playing ‘Dogs and Cats’ today?” the pooch wondered and ran amid the running legs of humans.

“Ouch, What’s that thing you thrown at me? It pains a lot,” the dog could not open his eyes now. It found asylum in a trash can as a cover. Some time passed.

“Is that you Thomas?” Some hands poured water on the pooch’s eyes and cleansed. 

That is no Thomas, but some random people helping out that Four legged victim, They said ‘Sorry’ to that pooch.

But, the dog was still thinking about his man Thomas. “Thank you. I can see now, the irritation is lessened. Anybody seen my Thomas? What happen to him?” the pooch asked.

All Listened “Bow, Bow.. Wow” and some doggy tail wagging gestures only.

Borrowed Inspiration

Borrowed Inspiration : This Dog became a victim in a Turkish Riot and a few kind people helped him to recover.

- Words by Din

Borrowed Inspirations are Semi-fictional Stories written by Dinesh based on True Incidents happened, with lots of hope to share positive thoughts and spread Peace, Love & Kindness. Please share it with your friends, because it comes free so we should share it freely.


3 thoughts on “Borrowed Inspirations #1

  1. i saw this piece of news too…humanity still does exist.


  2. Dogs are man’s ( and woman’s too) best friend after books ( or should it be internet these days 😛 )


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