Story : The Blind Angel

It was just another usual night, a few people were shopping in that mini-supermarket. But after that burglars entered everything changed. They took a little girl as hostage, what happened next?

Blind WomanIt was late hours in that night. “Closing Time in 15 minutes” they notified their customers in that mini-super market.

Everyone stood aghast as that man in the mask caught hold of that little girl. People started screaming around. Another man in mask his partner rushed and closed the shutters in no time.

“Oh God, He is having a pistol!” a woman shouted, probably the little girl’s mother.

People started raising their hands up as the two proceeded to corner them. Around 20 odd people were threatened by the two.

“Hey, this is no prank show! Damn serious yo people must listen.” one man in mask warned everyone.

“See, no police, no sirens. Just do what we say and we let this kid go. Simple!” another man pointed the gun at her head. That shocked little girl was unable even to cry. She hushed “Mommy… Mommy”

“Drop your mobile phones in this,” he pushed one shopping-cart “No Cheap games, else you can buy some brain squash to your home now!” the other guy pressed the gun on that girl’s head. Everyone followed their instructions. Then that guy pushed that cart with mobiles far away.

His partner took a backpack and kept it in front of the scared people.

“Hey you, bring out the cash and put it in.” he ordered the store manager guy. He obeyed the pistol in his hand with no choice. The emergency siren button was in his hands reached, yet he could not overcome the fear for that pistol. He dropped all the cash in that bag.

“Go.. Go back, face down! Now!” he continued “Now everyone, whatever the cash, jewels you have to drop everything in this bag!. One by one, no heroics. I swear if i find a glimpse of it I would pull this trigger!”

People started coming one after another and dropped their wallets and jewels. Everyone was done with their turn.

One of the burglars, took that backpack and zipped it. They moved so carefully towards the entrance, with that little hostage girl.

“Excuse me” some voice called them. They have spotted her, not among the crowd, but hiding near a trash can kept in a corner, a few feet away from the two.

Since it was a little dark to see her clearly, the burglars got furious over her and one guy pointed the gun at her. But she was not at all scared and started walking towards them.

“Bitch! You stop there where you are, else I will shoot you!” he went mad.

“Listen! Please!” She tried to oblige a conversation.

“Shut the crap! You dumbass, we will leave with this kid and let her go once we assure we escape, if you do not mess up this whole damn thing now.” he gripped the kid further. The other guy sneaked outside to notice the situation to evade.

“Please do not do anything, she is my child, do what they say” the mother screamed.

“I do have a some cash, you can take it from me. I do not have the strength to put you both down! So you don’t have to use your pistol. Just do allow me,” she walked further, everyone realized that she was a Blind woman, probably in her 30s. Now the burglars let out a big laugh at her.

“You blind bitch! You scared the shit out me! Ha, ha, hey, she is an eyeless handicap!” He mocked her and imitated her.

“Enough” the other guy holding the girl annoyed by his act “Get the money from her and let’s get the hell out of here Idiot!”

She followed their voice’s direction. He pulled her hands, as she neared them.

“Here! You put the money here woman”, he laughed “Look partner, we are robbing someone blind” ha ha..

He plucked her handbag from her hands and dropped it in his bag. “Thank you dear!” he teased her, “You must blame yourself, else you would have saved your pennies. Why foolishly you called us?”.

She smiled innocently and said “I have a reason!”

“What?” he asked cautiously.

“Nothing, a simple thing, you leave that poor little girl to her mom and take me as your hostage! Since I am blind, I cannot see you also, you can leave me wherever you wish just outside this Minimarket or the next Queen Boulevard or even at your residence. It does not matter to me, because, anywhere it’s just darkness for me. Please leave that little one!” she pleaded.

The burglars shared something mutely.

“Look, I do not know who’s that kid is, a Black or a White or an Indian I have no clue! But I beg you to leave her to her mother. You want someone. Why not just take me and leave her?” she begged them.

He loosened his grip on that little girl and slowly grabbed that blind woman. She touched that girl’s head, bent down a little and kissed that little girl on her hair “Darling now go to your mommy”

In a swift the little girl ran to her mother. The burglars started moving too with the blind woman on their custody. They took her near a car, got inside pointing the gun at her and gently pushed her down as the vehicle started to move. They disappeared from that lane.

Everyone watched that from distance rushed to help that kind woman. The mother of that girl hugged her and thanked her in tears.

“She must be so beautiful”, she moved her fingers over the little girl’s face and smiled. “I was scared that those morons would hurt you honey” the blind woman hugged her.

“You risked your life to save my daughter” her mother searched for words to express her gratitude. “It’s ok dear, that’s the only thing this blind lady can do to for this sweet girl”

Everyone appreciated the brave and kind hearted woman.

The sound of the siren filled that place slowly. Yes the police arrived there.

A police man announced in a hand-mic “We have a good news for you, we caught the burglars and your belongings are retrieved. You can collect them back soon.”

Everyone cherished to hear that. The policeman walked to that blind woman “I hope this is your mobile?” he asked.

She touched to sense it and nodded “Yes”.

“Thank you for being smart. We snatched them using your conversation with them and located them using the GPS of your mobile.” he appreciated her.

“I just intended to make some official listen to my clues, so I dialled the emergency number and kept it in my bag, lucky that he grabbed my bag instead of just money” she smiled.

“May I drop you home?” he offered her a lift. She accepted. On the way he confirmed that the burglars were clueless about how the police caught them. He assured that she could be peaceful without any fear of them thereafter.

Somewhere in a distant home, the little girl who got saved by her was telling everything to her father in a childish language. She asked him who was she? He answered “a Blind Angel”.

- Words by Din

Image Courtesy : Tedua



One thought on “Story : The Blind Angel

  1. Nicely penned and the title is so apt… 🙂


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