Love All & Hate None

kindnessI have seen some extremes of living in my life so far. There were people who spend thousands of bucks for a miniscule bottle of perfume. There were people who sweat in the scorching sun for a 100 Rupee note. Farmers with a dream of sending their kids to those multi-floored colleges in the next town. Rocking youth who enjoys their life to the fullest with loud DJ music and glittering laser lights. Witnessed some activists fighting for a cause with a lot of hope and some black sheep among them trying to make a living out of it also. Some people living happy with their family caring just about themselves, though they never cause any harm to others.

People are out there in all wavelengths of this spectrum. Something causes pain in me to see good people suffer, when some children long for simple things, while some pet dog in some country lives a five star life. It is no communism, but a thought. Why don’t I turn a magician to give those children, their wishes, probably at least some toys they wish to cuddle and sleep. Like an invisible man, why don’t I walk in and give them like a beautiful magic.

To give some tastiest food in the world to an old couple who starve for some food with love. May I go like a magic and feed them like their beloved one. Sometimes I feel so bad about money, sometimes I feel why not replace it with something called LOVE and fill the bank lockers with LOVE instead of money. 🙂

I know I am blabbering some nonsense. Yet life is a beautiful mystery, when we try to explain it, probably everyone will blabber like me 🙂

But I’ve learned one thing so simple. Love all and Hate none. Help your neighbour wherever you are.

- Words by Din

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4 thoughts on “Love All & Hate None

  1. shifting our focus to others,caring for others are beautiful emotions and the best part is it’s not just giving any caring act brings so much satisfaction,an enriching feeling back to ourselves that the giving becomes receiving.


  2. Well if we treat everyone as we want ourself to be treated .. life will be good for all..


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