#Stop #Violence #Against #Children


Read these headlines first, In this week we have come across various such incidents around the globe.

Crimes against Kids are alarming these days and makes us to worry a lot. The saddest part of this is in some cases even the convicts are kids. These are crimes that are not motivated by any sexual intentions, but about sheer madness and psychotic behaviours. Stopping Violence against Children is not just about saving kids by laws or awareness, but majorly with our very own way of living!

Watch these Nannies! Better you decide who can care for your kids than your family!

Every case is peculiar and shows something is seriously wrong. The only thing we should keep in mind is we should be careful with everything that happens around our family, especially around our kids.

Even when your kids watch some TV programs or playing some games, ensure you spend time along with them and just do not get into “I restrict you from the list of things” mode which would be a horrible mistake if you do it. A controlled child will always find a way out, but never will come in your control as you expect!

The First part, When you spend time with them ensure that you observe how they are interpreting things happening around them and if they take it wrong, be responsible to explain about it and the right way to see things. For Instance, when they play war/violent games, always you first play it and decide on it. If they play such games without your knowledge, ensure they just take that game as a game and not try to emulate any character from those games in real life. It is always better to keep them busy with pretty useful things, activities and story tellings. Prevention is better than seeking remedy. A game is just an example, there are plenty of things you need to be concerned on a serious note like knowing their friends, teachers, teammates, online buddies, hobbies, movies, etc.

And the second part, dealing with strangers / known people. The logic is very simple, THERE IS A LIMIT. Yes, set a limit for everyone whoever gains access to be with your kids. Even if you trust some relative or a neighbour, keep a limit and ensure you talk to your kids about it. It is important for kids till 16 / 17 to mingle with everyone and learn how to move in the society, at the same time as parents you need to ensure your kids are in the safe zone always till they are matured enough as adults to handle things on own. You do not need to set them a perimeter and restrict them, but you set a perimeter for yourselves and always be there when the need to. Give them the freedom to contact you anytime, access you freely in case of any emergency.

Always keep some codes of communication if they encounter any situation. Teach them about how to use emergency phone calls like 911 / 100 or whatever numbers applicable in your country.

Again, our emphasis is in only one thing. The kids are kids always, they learn from you – Parents and whatever they see. It is our responsibility to make them aware of things and let them take things in the right sense. Living and showing is far better than anyone teaching them values. So We Adults need to be responsible as Parents as well as a part of the Society! Because Some Kid is some where learning from us Right NOW!

- Din

 Courtesy : Respective News Sites we linked above.

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