Appreciate Talents : Sarthak Sethi, 15 yr old Entrepreneur and Inventor

Sarthak Sethi
Sarthak Sethi

What it takes someone to start up an own organization? Not money the first integral part, but the passion towards the ambition makes it possible. Sarthak Sethi a 15 year old from Delhi, India has done that with his start up Applit Microsystems.

Wait, this is not just the complete story, there are many feathers to his inspirational journey till date. The techie young chap is a software developer as well as an expert in hardware, who invented a YouTube Speed Search App and invented a device for Recycling CPU Heat for producing electricity which was featured on Instructables

Sarthak’s Invention

His YouTube App was one of the most downloaded App and got the attention of various news media in India like  P7News24x7, Aajtak, India news etc.

This 10th grade kid is actively involved in developing games and E commerce websites now through his venture.

In our conversation with him, we found Sarthak a socially responsible kid and matured beyond his age when it comes to his understanding about the educational system. He firmly believes in a fact that our education should encourage our kids beyond scoring marks. When freedom is given to them to work on their passion, he hopes students can do wonders, which we also believe in.

All his interests started long ago, when he was playing with a broken circuit of a toy car and when he tried to light back the LED light again, he found his curiosity as in fact his passion. Later he developed him from there onwards

He conveyed his gratitudes to his parents Rajan Sethi and Pooja Sethi, who helped him for years to reach this place. Also a special thanks to Rupali Pandit, his Teacher who was his science teacher for several years who gave innovate ideas for his projects and kept him encouraged to be creative.

Now it is time for us to encourage Sarthak and many kids like him to pursue their dreams. Let us believe there is a prodigy in every child. Propel Steps wishes Sarthak all the best and assure to stand by his side.


Also check Sarthak’s BlogStriker x10 – A new FPS game, Sarthak’s Facebook Page

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  1. Really When a child is born God has given a brain. when we use less of our brain it is becomes useless, so lets encourage our next generation to be out of books and be more practical.


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