Powerful Quote #157 : True Activists

True ActivistsThere is a group of people who never get satisfied about life, never see the positive sides and never look for bettering the world, instead they make a living out of sensationalizing only the negative sides and call themselves also as Activists!

A True Activists are the ones who enable the positivity and not the ones who just only do protests and crib at everything!

- Din

9 thoughts on “Powerful Quote #157 : True Activists

  1. It is true some people complain at every thing. They are like critics with tooth ache. But unless we see the fault and point it out, how are we going to fix the problem?


  2. Agree with Namita’s views.- in fact in Israel a country which on almost regular basis have to deal with terrorism & bloodshed,(front page news material for other countries) these things are never get reported in the newspapers.they cant afford to.They focus on all the positives..


  3. So true ! I’ve seen so many people who always have a tendency to grudge about everything…


  4. So true, i hate such negative people.


  5. Totally agree with it. I wish the news papers have a compulsion of featuring one positive story on daily basis. There is no dearth of positive human stories, noble Samaritans doing their work silently,people contributing to the well being of the world around them but these are seldom searched and high-lighted.
    It will energize us ….that daily doze of hope and positivity.


    • Very rare comment I do get for a quote like this 🙂 Thank you for it. Value it a lot. I echo your perspective, those are thoughts that always surviving in mind. The anger that certain things are not right, yet we need to be wise and convert the thoughts into actions. Doing so with hope. Thanks again.


    • sometimes one wonders does the media feed the outrage?


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