Powerful Quotes #159 : Two Filters: Hardships & Failures

Hardships and Failures

I don’t wish to be victorious without any failures and hardships. Because they filter out two important things in life.

The first thing, it filters myself; makes me believe in myself and bring out the best in me – some day I’ll feel better I am worthy of the success.

The second thing, it filters out others; makes me believe in a few true companions and send off the fake people – some day I’ll feel better I’ve earned true souls beside me.

- Din

Image Courtesy & Credits : Photography by Daniel Lewis (lewisphoto.wordpress.com) via Google and  Jonnie Peacock

(Pictured is Paralympic sprinter Jonnie Peacock)


3 thoughts on “Powerful Quotes #159 : Two Filters: Hardships & Failures

  1. Nice one. I guess both of them are very important for each other. Failure purifies us, makes us look at things in a lot better manner and a cleaner format, simplifies the approach and gets our feet back on the ground. And as for success, well I guess that part almost always takes care of itself 🙂


  2. I really liked the quote,… especially the second part..


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