Powerful Quotes #161 : Deep-Rooted-Selfishness

Deep Rooted Selfishness

More deeper the roots, more stronger the trees. Our human society also has deep roots and we are stronger, the concern is not how deep our roots are, it is what our roots are!

“I” is the root of problems and
“We” is the root of solutions!
Now you know why humans do all nonsense!

- Din

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4 thoughts on “Powerful Quotes #161 : Deep-Rooted-Selfishness

  1. Machi .. reply me why we are here ? what is the use of human creation .. ?/ why we birth/ death? what is the purpose of our birth ?? wat is the use of living organ including human ??? why finally everyone end up with death ???


    • Sssbaa.. This are the questions asked by geniuses and saints. Answering this too needs a high wisdom da. People look at the answers in their own ways.

      We are a part of evolution, a speck of creatures, like dinosaurs we formed, we may perish also. But there is a reason why we are born, as a whole human kind we have a role to play in this earth and we are doing it. as individual, also we are doing a part of that work what is assigned to humans. Ex: Dinosaurs evolved, killed others, dominated, then they died, led way to mammals ie humans. Long before dinosaurs cynobacteria, was the only thing which was on earth, they produced oxygen so as to form lives, they did their role. Now we dominate, altering the earth, may be conditioning for some other species. this is how our intelligence can see life. But if you believe in spiritual being, then our human being form is just another form, like a dress we wear for our soul. The dress keep changing till we attain mukthi.

      Ok hope I confused you enough πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜›

      I once fantasized the same and got some interesting thoughts. May or may not be, but I felt that more meaningful. Read this one.. https://propelsteps.wordpress.com/2014/03/05/a-weird-dream-of-the-distant-past-and-the-far-future/ may be you will get answers in my opinion. We can discuss day and night when we talk…


  2. very true…deeper the roots,higher we sour.” I ”and ”we” sometimes I wonder that when the letters were designed ,these deep rooted meanings and lessons must have been given some thoughts and consideration. look at that” i” …does it not look like some one standing alone…a lonely figure and then that ”W” of ”we”…..look like four ”I ” stand together holding hands….looks mightier and happier.


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