Do You Scream at your kids for School Grades?

What would you do?

If you confront a mother, scream at her kid for a school grade!

Do you ever scream at your kids? It’s time to think and change!

6 thoughts on “Do You Scream at your kids for School Grades?

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    1. Thank you Ma’m that is so close to my life also. I started replying you and it went on like a long memoir. Later i realized “Idiot Din you are typing this in a comment!” ๐Ÿ™‚

      With a dilemma, i am sharing it here. Sorry if I bother you with a long essay. (my friends kid me usually I am essay writer ๐Ÿ™‚ Read it when you have time Ma’am

      ๐Ÿ™‚ :’) Thank you so much for sharing that short film ma’am. Reminds about my childhood days, I belong to a small town, Mannargudi, Tamilnadu. Till 7th std I used to be in top 5 ranks, but my dad always scold me for not being first. 8th I joined different school, scored poor in maths with just pass marks. Addition to that I used to play cricket a lot, fond of kittens, as they were in my friend’s home I used to go there. Sometimes I go without informing my parents, my dad used to beat me with anything he got in his hand. My mother comes inbetween, just like in the movie and gets her share for pampering me.

      I gradually became a below average student when i reached 9th and everytime it was nightmare for me to take the rank card with 1 mark passes, to my dad for signature. He is a good person, but very aggressive those days. Once he even thrown me into a garbage pit.

      I went under some stress, somehow I managed to restore my studies and converted the just pass mark in maths to 100 in 10th public exams scored 457/500. Then onwards I never scored poor, he also stopped beating me.

      However, some critical incidents happened during my school days, those days dad was struggling to repay the house loan and he wanted to ensure I study well and get good job, unlike him struggled with his tailoring business. I am the first graduate in my family.

      On my admission day for 11th when he was short of a few hundred rupees to pay my fees, I felt so sad why money is standing in the path of education. Inspite of good marks, money mattered, my rich friends joined boarding schools (result factories which do coach them for Anna University and IIT seats) they paid lakhs to join there. While I seen my dad struggling to pay my fees less than 10,000

      Equal marks, did not bring any equality but money did. There I decided I am not going to do Engineering, but to learn business, understand how money rules education. I went on searching in that direction like a rebel against everyone’s advice to pursue a career in some engineering.

      I opted BBA, an odd guy to say no to a good engineering course. ๐Ÿ™‚ After completion I somehow managed to get into the educational institutions, travelling to Nagpur, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pondichery.. and worked as HR & Student Trainer I understood their business in detail, developed strategies. Like learning about the disease to build a cure.

      5yrs of learning and hardships in professional and personal life, I decided to put an end that HR part. Now I am back in my hometown to build the dream true, starting from here. So many things are there in agenda, the destiny is big.

      Even now my parents can hardly understand what I am trying to do. They still are a worried, that their son is not like others doing a job in a office and doing things for free which will not help his life.

      Even I am unable to explain them. But thankful they never forced me in their way. I will establish Propelsteps as a big organization and make them proud, when they see happy kids and parents thanking Propel steps, they will understand everything. My father will also understand what his son is capable of.

      Whatever happens, I am learning the art of living peaceful and happy. Now I became a smile expert ๐Ÿ™‚ Life is full of surprises, it brought people who stabbed behind and let me down, now it is bringing many kind people like you. I thank god.

      Oh.. Sorry mam.. just I started on something and words followed naratting so many things. I keep talking if I get emotional. Sorry if I bored you with my memoirs. That short film took me back to those days ๐Ÿ™‚

      Thanks for sharing that wonderful film. And glad to know you can understand Tamil ๐Ÿ™‚


      1. Dear Dinesh…I am thankful to you that by narrating and reminiscing your childhood you introduced me to a wonderful young man. You know Dinesh, persons like you instil and retain our faith about a beautiful future of our society.
        I have full faith that one day Propel Step will reach the heights you have dreamt for.
        you could have definitely opted for a very lucrative career but you were not swayed by the temptation and decided to work for betterment of others. It’s so inspiring. How many of us can do that. I believe God has a role for each of us to play here and yours is to work towards betterment of others.
        You might not be able to explain to your parents the scheme of things right now but believe me they some how or other are able to sense that their child is working towards some greater cause. Things might not be very clear to them but they can feel that you have opted the right course. Of course they might be worried about your future as their experiences in life must have taught that not walking on the set routes is always difficult.
        You are in Mannargudi…Sunder was able to recognize the name of place. His native place in Tepperumanallur near Kumbakonam. Though now no one of the family lives there yet he too has a lot of childhood memories of the place. He was born and brought up at Kanpur as Appa was posted there but annual visits to village were looked forward. I by birth am north Indian but have visited his village and still in contact with all the chittis and mamas and cousins in Chennai, Bangalore etc.
        As we were always here in north only I could not pick Tamil very much.Sunder himself is not very habitual of talking in Tamil as here there are few occasions yet he can converse and read in his mother tongue, which ofcourse every body should be able to do.My sources of being in touch with the language are Tamil TV channels and movies on you tube.I still am not able to understand every word spoken but at least the gist I can gather.
        Yes, in the whole course of life we meet all kinds of people but the bad experiences should not be able to shadow over our faith in innate goodness of human beings. There are still more of good people than the bad ones.
        Keep me always posted about the works and experiences of Propel steps and now yours too. Your positive approach and thinking energizes me. This virtual world is a wonderful platform for bringing like minded people together.
        Feel free to share when ever you feel like it. If I can be of any use to further the cause I shall be very happy.

        lots of best wishes


        1. Thank you for taking time to read it and for replying me with lots of concern ma’am. I feel so lucky and blessed, life finally started bringing a few good people like you. I will put my efforts sincere, welcome whatever the result is.

          Surely I will stay in touch and share things with you as life goes on. Thank you so much Ma’am.


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