Story : 55 Fiction : Sidewalk Flowers

Side Walk flowerA gentle breeze brought some more flowers, floating in the air, slowly landed on the sidewalks. He carefully avoided stepping on them. The old dry flowers seemed questioning, interrupted his steps.

He knew it, they might look for her, miss her alongside him. He continued walking slowly, with a walking stick instead of her hand.


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5 thoughts on “Story : 55 Fiction : Sidewalk Flowers

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    1. 🙂 Thank you Ma’m. With maturity and his age old love, with such bonding with her, the character was not feeling sad, but miss her. Part of life ma’m, love lasting till those old days are distined to face the end stages with strength to face it with satisfaction of having lived such a meaningful life.


      1. very true….missing too had that tinge of sadness though the memories of moments together fill the hearts with joy. Ya, after reaching that age people start anticipating that one partner has to face some part of life alone. maturity helps in bearing the loss …….and then this parting is inevitable part of life.


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