A Letter to Mighty Raju – An Elephant rescued after 50 yrs

I am writing this letter to this rescued, humble Elephant called Raju, who suffered 50 years of brutality in spiked chains 24 hours a day. I write this with sincere thanks to Wildlife SOS, who are the real heroes who rescued Raju.

Mighty Raju Elephant

Dear Mighty Raju, 

I could feel your tears. I could feel somehow happiness, at least now you are free, I don’t know whether you can feel the same happiness as we do or not? May be you feel “At least I can live my later part of my life, with just the scars, not wounds of the spiked chains, anymore.”

Oh Mighty Raju! I confess one truth to you, we humans are weak. We are almost like an insect when compared to your strength and size. But somehow we went to the top of the ladder by mistake, God might know the answer why? I feel sad, sorry and shameful for belonging to the same species which hurt your soul these long years. However, I could pacify myself by consoling you with a lullaby I suppose, you never heard before.

And I Hope now you believe as I do, that not all the humans are bad.

Mighty Raju! Please believe in my words, those millions of people who care only about themselves are selfish, the ones who hurt you also belongs to that category. On the other side, we are there, millions of people who care about the billions of souls like yours. There are people like Wildlife SOS. Our care is true, and more powerful than those cruel selfish people’s.

We won’t lose the battle to those selfish people, because we have got a Mighty Raju on our side to crush them 🙂 

Take care Mighty Raju 🙂 Have a good time ahead.

With Love,


Raju has been held in spiked chains, often beaten or otherwise abused for most of his life, so thanks to Wildlife SOS a midnight mission was orchestrated to rescue Raju from the Uttar Pradesh area in India.

According to E! News, “Raju has spent the past 50 years living a pitiful existence in chains 24 hours a day, an act of intolerable cruelty. The team was astounded to see tears roll down his face during the rescue. It was so incredibly emotional for all of us. We knew in our hearts he realized he was being freed,” Wildlife SOS spokesperson Pooja Binepal said.

Now the elephant will know what it is like to walk without puncturing shackles and what it’s like to not suffer any more.

via (http://news92fm.com/)

Courtesy : Wildlife SOS, News92 FM and WordPress


8 thoughts on “A Letter to Mighty Raju – An Elephant rescued after 50 yrs

  1. Loved it ! I rem we talked with Elephants keepers after our ride,watched them very closely at our Kerala trip few years back, one of them was partially blind & very old. It’s like a diff perspective put for these souls, their freedom. Good wishes.


    • Thank you for reading and expressing your love for the animal. Elephants supposed to be in the wild, unlike dogs, cats,cows, guinea pigs, etc. Such pets need human grooming can’t live in jungles but elephants can.

      I wonder will we humans leave any forests for them after some 100 yrs. Let’s educate kids, share wisdom to the next gen. 🙂


      • yeah so true, wilderness can’t be tamed 🙂 & very nice message u have shared for educating our future generations for the environment causes overall. Good wishes


  2. Have seen his plight…felt so bad ! how could we human beings be so cruel ! 😦


  3. Thanks for sharing this touching story!


    • The incident is real, Only the letter is an expression my compassion and love for Raju 🙂 Thank you ji.


  4. What a life so far and what a rescue. Hope Raju has a happy and content remaining life.


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