Powerful Quote #168 : The Difference Between You & You

You and You

This is an indicator of your character,

The difference between ‘You’ and ‘You’

The first ‘You’ is the ‘You’, known to yourself..

The second ‘You’ is the ‘You’, that you show to others.

Lesser the difference, better the character!

You need not show everything about you to everyone,

But never show something that what you’re not.

If you do, you may hurt others or get hurt.

- Din

Image Credits : moredoors.blogspot.com

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  1. Well composed with a very good illustrating image. Also grab this opportunity to thank you for promoting my post. Grateful indeed. Hope you continue to visit my posts. Votes or promotion i don’t much care for that but i’m glad you promoted and brought me here. 🙂


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