Update : Blank Space : 30 more Stories to go…


We take this special moment to thank everyone who has contributed their stories for Blank Space – Filled with Inspiration, an anthology of 100 short stories by 100 people around the globe. We are so thankful to you from deep within our soul. We owe our sincere gratitude, especially for your patience and revamping support that have given, to fine tune the stories. 

We have reached 70% of the selection and we never thought it would be possible for a debutant publisher like us. All we can say is that our passion behind this initiative and your support are the only reason, which made this possible. Just 30 more stories to go to complete the selections. So we are extending the final date of submission to 15th of August 2014, also, many writers asked us for some time. Even we need time to spend our quality time with each writer, communicating the feedback and make Blank Space as best as we can. 

Note : A few of you may be awaiting for our selection feedback. We apologize for the delay in the feedback if happened. For sure every entrant will get the feedback personally from me.

Those who has mailed your story on or before 28th July, will get the feedback on or before 23:59hrs IST (today) and those who send their entries from 29th July onwards to 8th August shall get the feedback on or before 10th August.

All entries after 10th August shall get the feedback only on August 16th.

You can get more details by mailing here Publish@propelsteps.com , where you can also send your entries. 

All you need to do is write a short story which will give some inspiration to the reader. You can choose any theme as you wish like love, life, education, humanity, environment, etc. literally anything which will leave a positive vibe. Also you can choose your genre freely as you wish like fiction, real story, etc. (Previously published stories on your blog can also be send as entries)
Word limits: Max 1000 words, but if needed it can be flexible with more words. There is no minimum words limit, however we suggest keeping it as a short story, unlike a few lined flash fiction.
Jargon free and simple read: 
You try your best to keep the words less complex for the readers to understand, because many people are scared away from books because of this. Of course, we wish you show your writing skills, in terms of expression and feelings. Meanwhile, we together need to commit simplicity to the reader. No need to stress much about this if you can’t help with this, our editor will do it. 
Format : Send as Word Document. (.doc or .docx)
Mandatory Info Needed : (within the word document itself) 
  • Full Name : 
  • Publish as (Pen name) : Mention only if you prefer any other pen name.
  • A short bio about you : Max 60 words.
  • Email Id (will be printed) : 
  • Blog or website Address (will be printed)
- Din

5 thoughts on “Update : Blank Space : 30 more Stories to go…

Add yours

  1. Apologies Din for not coming back earlier… some problem… am glad you got 70 stories in such a short time… perhaps because you asked for short stories 😛 As for mine I have not yet written… will send if written before the last date 🙂 Am gracious you considered me as a possible contributor 🙂 Thanks for the opportunity 🙂


    1. Thank you Kokila ji 🙂 Not at all an issue. We understand, it happens sometimes things may go different than we think. However, You are always welcomed. 🙂


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