Wrote it from a Quote : Help


“If you helped someone, never showoff them that you have helped them once. If you have that habit, please do not help anyone hereafter.”
a picture was saying the quote on a wall in a home.

The neighbour read that, rushed back to his home and written a quote on a big photo and hanged it on the wall in his home. That said,
“…Also, if you have the habit of forgetting the gratefulness of a help that someone did for you, please do not ask anyone for a help again! “

The first person was hurt by someone who has helped him and the neighbour was hurt by someone who forgot the help he did! So if we do not want to get hurt, do help or get help, but, never showoff that you have helped and never be ungrateful to those who helped you.

- Wrote it from a Quote - Din

5 thoughts on “Wrote it from a Quote : Help

  1. don’t help with a desire to get back help from one you have helped also don’t burden someone with your help, just help for yourself


  2. Oh I just loved it & that poster speaks so much for the topic.


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