Kudos : ‘Beggars – Not any more’ – Kids Restoring Lives

Beggar no more

When everyone just offered alms to that man in a dirty costume, a group of thirteen 11th Grade kids decided to offer him a way to live. Now Naagar is no more a beggar, but a Chocolate seller in front of their school.

They spotted him begging near their school in Chennai, every day for almost three months and they came up with a generous idea to help him believe in himself and earn his living rather begging.

Not just Naagar, the kids have restored lives of 30 odd people and gave a new meaning to their lives. All just because of one impact, they saw a couple of kids begging on the streets and determined to get into the action.

We should appreciate the kids, but not stop just there. Learn from them and we should also help deserving people.

Deserving? Yes.

On the other side, if you or your kids want to help someone like this, just ensure you are helping the right person, because there are a few culprits who may use our kindness to harbour their need for drugs / alcohol / smoking weed. There is also a trail of gangsters behind organized begging. It is always better you do help as a group or representing an organisation with elders guidance. Helping should not hurt the beautiful souls. 🙂

Courtesy and Source : Facebook

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