Story : Wet Pants


Ninu was sitting in his Grade 3 class. Suddenly, he felt his pants wet, and there was a puddle at his feet. His heart almost skipped a beat as he got worried that his classmates would see that and make fun of him.

He quickly wanted to do something but left with no clue he found his friend Rosy walking towards him carrying a bowl of goldfish. As the teacher and she came closer, Ninu felt bad that they had noticed his wet pants. But, Rosy tripped dropping the fishbowl on his lap. He pretended to get annoyed with Rosy but quietly thanked her from within for helping him out in managing his wet pants.

Everyone in the class thought that it was Rosy’s fault to make Ninu’s pants wet. The teacher helped him change the dry clothes, and the class continued.

Later, that evening, Ninu asked Rosy, “You did that on purpose, didn’t you?”..

“Yes, I did. I too had wet my pants once ”, whispered Rosy.

Everyone goes through good and bad days and those who help you out on your bad days are your true friends. Do remain grateful for those ever.

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