Story : Joojoo & the Pretty girl

“You Joojoo and you Moimoi”. Yes, that’s how she speaks, like the cutest girl ever in the whole world.

“Hey Pretty Girl, so that’s how you gonna call your kittens?” her father added joy to her from behind.

“Yay Yay Yay” she nodded head like a minion.

Months passed. Joojoo went missing. She searched everywhere in her own little world she knew. Every room in her sweet home, including the scary room in the backyard. Her mom always panicked her, about the insects of that storeroom. Pretty girl never dared to walk in there, but now, she tip-toed inside.

“Joo.. joo.. are you here? come out insects are here, they will eat you! Come Joojoo” she assumingly called her cat in a wobbly voice. After repeated calling for a few times, she walked back with a droopy face.

Her daddy returned home. Usually, she would welcome him jumping around. Joojoo and Moimoi also used to welcome him, walking in between his legs, rubbing their faces against him. But today only Moimoi welcomed him. Though not as usual, it just made a few meows and laid down on the floor. He sensed the strangeness.

He went straight away to his princess’s room. “Why my pretty girl looks so sad?”

“Where is Joojoo?” she turned her face towards the wall.

“Don’t worry dear, let’s search him, come on” he said, trying to turn her to look at him.

“I think spiders ate him in the store room!” she started to cry.

“Honey, Spiders won’t eat cats. They hate cats as much as how you hate milk. Don’t cry sweetheart. I will search and get your Joojoo soon”. It took more than an hour to calm down her.
“See Moimoi.. It refuses to have any dinner too. So, what shall we do?” he tried his wits to feed her that night.

Her tiny twinkling eyes asked thousand question why Moimoi is not having food?

“You have food, Moimoi also will eat then”, he convinced her with the decades-old strategy that parents typically use.

The cat and it’s master-princess finished their food. Moimoi slept near her feet on the same bed.

He ensured her, the little princess slept sound. He walked out with his mobile, as the clock ticked near 12.

“Sir, Sorry to disturb you at this time. I need a favor. Hope you do not take me wrong…” he hesitated and continued as he got an affirmative reply from the other end, “Sir, I need that kitten back. My daughter… I can’t see her sad.. she cried a lot”. Before he gave further explanations that gentleman at the other end agreed.

“If you don’t mind shall I come now sir?” he asked. Then smiled at his wife who was following and listening to all his conversation. He started his bike, just on his tracksuits. His queen rubbed his head “You and your daughter will never change, then why had given Joojoo? Go, come back safe”.

He returned in no time. Probably his smiles along the way would have dimmed the street lights. With so much happiness, he wore a gift tag on Joojoo’s neck. “I am back :)”

He watched his little princess’s face, sleeping quietly after a long bad day. He imagined how her face would gloom in the morning to get her lost Joojoo back.


– Written by Pudina

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