City Tour #1 : Minsk, Belarus

Overview of Minsk:

(Economy, Employment, Industries, Cost of Living, Roadways, Public Transport System, Friendly People, Local Culture, Talks to avoid, No Migrant workers, Tourists’ Testimonial, English usage, Bicycle friendliness, Green city, Parks, Cleanliness, (One of the top 3 clean cities in the world) Wide roads, Safety, Heavily policed city, Politics, Places to visit, Foods, Cost of Housing, Night life, Problems…) Credits: CoolVision

DOs and DON’Ts

Credits: Conor Clyne – Tsar Experience

Foods to try

Credits: Eileen Aldis

Climate: Average temperatures are maximum 24°C, minimum 12°C in summer and maximum 3°C, minimum -7°C in winter. The best time to visit Minsk is from May to September when it is full of greenery. Summers are often hot and dry. Winters are mild and wet, mostly around 0°C, snow does not stay for long.

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