Kamarajar : 6 Quotes for 6th Sense


If your child is born with disability, accumulate wealth for him/her. If not, don’t disable the child by accumulating wealth.


Hardworking only can relieve people from poverty. We don’t need violence to bring social equality. Education and hardworking would suffice.

Once Kamarajar’s advisor suggested to make a documentary, spending Rs.2 lakhs about the achievements of his tenure as a Chief Minister. His answer is something that no Politician can utter

No. I would construct four schools with the 2 lakhs rupees!


Building a temple, a church and a mosque would make the Hindus, the Christians and the Muslims happy. Building a library would make the Educated happy. But building a school would make the Gods themselves happy.

Empathy: Daily routine of a Chief Minister

Some might not show up feeling shy or fear and hesitate to meet me. Check around the house once more, I will meet them and then only I will sleep.

Constructive Deal:

Once a entrepreneur met the Chief Minister Kamarajar to seek license to build two new movie theaters.

Construct two schools and then I will approve your theaters.

The entrepreneur followed his advise. Kamarajar himself opened the schools. Even now thousands of students are studying in the two schools.

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