Amazing Kids : Deivanai

Deivanai, a grade 12 student has scored 500/600 in her board exams 2020. We must appreciate the girl from Thirupparamkundram, Madurai for her achievement.

If you think 83 percentage is okayish, you are wrong!

Deivanai has fought her way against all the odds in her life to secure a good number. She belongs to a humble family background of fortune-tellers / soothsayers called “Kudukuduppai Karar” (Tamil). Her father Mr.Ganesan and her mother Mrs. Latchumi are fortune-tellers.

They live a nomadic life and hardly settle in a location not more than a few months. The community of 50 families live in temporary huts without electricity. Yes! This is 2020 and children like Deivanai are still fighting the odds. Seldom they win, like this determined girl who aims to become a bank officer.

Excerpts from BBC Tamil: “In our community, girls rarely complete schooling. I want to be a starting point and my destiny is to become an officer in a bank. I am going to pursue a bachelor’s degree in commerce. I will raise the standard of living of my people”, says Deivanai.

She further said, “I respect the occupation of my parents. My community has taught me the values of honesty at work. Though we tell the fortune of others, we couldn’t make a good fortune for ourselves with our occupation. I understand poverty and hunger. I had walked to places, despite starving. I always believed that education is my only way out for a better life! I used to weave bamboo baskets at my spare time to meet my educational expenses. I worked hard and studied sincere. So here I am!”

Considering her odds, Deivanai’s 500/600 is better than the scores of national toppers.

The MLA Thirupparamkundram, Mr. Saravanan came forward to sponsor all her educational expenses. The gentleman also invited others to contribute to help the girl by opening a bank account for her. He expressed his willingness to see Deivanai reach all success in her life.

Deivanai is a ray of hope for those children who are fighting the misfortunes.

Basic education is still a fortune for children like Deivanai. We treasure their every little success as much as they do it. Still, they deserve more fortunes on their way!

If you find a needy child in your neighbourhood, kindly help for their education. That would be the greatest deed in your life. If you want to share an article about any deserving kids, please feel free to reach us here

Image, Article Courtesy and Source: BBC Tamil Copyrights: We do not own any copyrights on the above post, shared for non-profit and encouraging purposes only.

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  1. Kudos and loads of good wishes to Deivanai. I am happy that Mr. Saravanan came forward to help Deivanai. Her determination needs all the encouragement and support. our representatives should be like that only.

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