The Case of Kawasi Himde : Why should we educate our children about her case?

Kawasi Himde

Kawasi Himde is no celebrity or someone from a cosmopolitan city, she is a tribal woman. A few good media tried to cover her news still. Kudos to the ones who are holding the mic behind the screen to bring her story out. The rest of the NEWS media was busy in covering the IPL and Cinema gossips it seems. They may be right, audiences will show interest to watch a Salman Khan case that will help their TRP, which Kawasi cannot do.

She was acquitted after 7 years of imprisonment when a Dantewada (Chhattisgarh, India) court found her not guilty. Our judiciary system took JUST 7 years to find someone is innocent. At the age of 17, in 2008, Kawasi Himde was arrested for “being involved in the killing of 23 policemen”.

How our judiciary system is going to compensate everything she had lost? There are only loopholes but no law for this!

The real story is horrible even in our dreams. Colours of the Cage A blog covered her story exclusively in an attempt to expose the truth and to get her justice.

In January 2008 just after harvest, as in previous years, a fair was organised in Ramram, the nearby village. Kawasi accompanied her aunt and her other cousin sisters to the fair and to buy ribbons and choodis. There she joined a group of other tribals who were dancing and singing. Having danced vigorously, she soon became thirsty and approached the nearby hand-pump for water. But as soon as she held the pump, someone very forcefully grabbed her. She looked up angrily and was shocked to see Police personnel. They had surrounded her and began dragging her by her hair towards their vehicle parked outside the fair. With hands and feet tied, she was thrown on the floor of the truck and driven to the Police station. (click to continue reading) – Written by Sushmita Verma

Why should we educate our children about her case?

If you are reading this, you could be someone who works in a respectable position responsible for keeping the law, you could be an advocate, you could be a student, you could be an activist, you could be just a common civilian.. Whomsoever you are, as a human being we should have some introspection on ourselves as individuals and as a society.

What are we going behind? What are we supporting? How are we spending our time?

Thousands of cases like this are happening in our country which will not come to our attention. But at the end of the day, it is we all who make the society. Our children are going to become the lawyers, policeman, lawmakers, politicians, etc.

It is our responsibility to educate them the reality. So that they will understand everything and at least try to have some humanity and morality tomorrow. If not our generation at least coming generations may seek to live in the righteous way.

Please share this. Keep educating!

Courtesy : The Hindu,  Colours of the Cage and Satwik Mishra

7 thoughts on “The Case of Kawasi Himde : Why should we educate our children about her case?

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  1. Story was emotionally connected if we spread positive awareness it would help so many people and thanks for this post


  2. Hi, I am well aware about the situation of the tribal women and men, belonging to a belt too close to tribal culture. M wondering how to help these people. Being physically present will be difficult. And I don’t want to be the moral instructor boosting their strength. They have enough of it. More than us city girls. Is there any means that I can help? In Some meaningful way?

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    1. Realistically speaking… it is very tough to contribute directly in our country, when you support a good person you will become an enemy of many!

      Still it is not impossible and that difficulty doesn’t mean that we should stay silent. Go on and keep educating the urban population, especially children. Talk to them, make them realize where the mistake happens, how they are going to be a part of this society in future, and instill a belief that, the change they bring in themselves will be the good change of the society.

      Radical changes not possible. Stay in touch with us, we are coming up with so many initiatives where you can contribute via your writing and meet kids in schools. visit our page when you get time..

      Thanks for commenting 🙂

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  3. Sad sad story. No amount of apology will give back 8 years of life lost to Kawasi Himde. Mistakes do happen in a violence torn society. It should not take away from our public servants becoming polite. Police are also under pressure when their colleagues get blown up right in front of their eyes. In this battle of ideologies, victims are innocent bystanders like Kawasi Himde. It is for us to make her life more peaceful so that she can live again.So sorry.

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    1. Well said ji. we forget even police are humans many times because hardly they stand for the righteousness in our corrupt nation. Disbelief on everyone whom we suppose to rely on! Right from Politicians who rule us to an attender in a Govt. Office, none are trustworthy. Amid the victims are the few righteous officers and innocent common people!


  4. I read about her yesterday at Colors of cage and was shocked. Tweeting this as well sharing on other social media. Our media has gone all crazy with Salman bhai trending all over!!!!

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    1. What to do… that’s so unique curse on India.. We worship cinema stars and care a damn for the ones who deserves it, like social workers, educationists, etc. Thanks for spreading words Roohi.


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