Our Story

Everyone has a story to tell. The story of Propel Steps didn’t begin with one such name as “Propel Steps”, but evolved in the mind of a 15 year old boy from India; he saw his father struggling to pay his school fees. Though he was meritorious, education came with a price tag. Skip the meritorious part, for some kids getting educated itself an achievement. What about them?

He thought why not a government school, which can free his father’s burden! But there was and even now a disproven perspective prevails that government schools do not teach well. Even the sons and daughters of many government school teachers are with private institutions.

Pondering about the educational setup at the younger age triggered an alarm in his mind. He wanted to set it right. But he didn’t know how, except drawing some inspiration from films that talked about education system!

The boy broke the routine rule of joining an engineering degree which was his aim and turned as a Business Management graduate.

“Education has become a business. Let me learn business and understand the educational business and crack the system from within”, that was the amateur master plan he equipped himself with.

Years rolled over. After si many ups and downs, he gained the necessary working knowledge on how education becomes business! He started working on a prototype of a really possible free education!

Knowledge Sharing – that’s the answer, he got. Every profession in the world shares knowledge and make their living. A Doctor shares his diagnostics knowledge, whereas a Farmer shares his agricultural knowledge. Coding for a software engineer, fixing for a mechanic, and so on. It is all knowledge sharing.

Education is the process of sharing that knowledge and there is a business involved which is a worrisome issue. When a Doctor or a Farmer shares his knowledge they are not transferring the knowledge but sharing it, means they serve the other with their knowledge. However, teaching is transferring of knowledge and not just sharing. So it is a level ahead of sharing for a fee!

Why knowledge transfer should be free?
Because we need a better version of our for the society and the generation next. Our knowledge is always limited, but when transferred it keeps growing. For an instance, through this consistent enhancement via knowledge transferring we have reached to the modern technologies where wired telephones have become wireless communication! Thanks to knowledge sharing. Whether direct sharing or indirect acquisition of knowledge, we humans always thrive for it.

But there is a negative effect of chaotic knowledge sharing. We could call it as knowledge dispersion. If something is invented, say plastic, its adverse effects are understudied and brought into usage. Knowledge dispersion happened when everyone who got access to the plastic, came up with their own versions of it. Thus, chaotic knowledge sharing had occured in this case.

Look at us now! The world has become a plastic garbage where only a little percentage of them are getting recycled.

Whereas if we had shared the knowledge about plastic in a holistic way, we would have analyzed its adverse effects, before bringing it for multiple insane usages! That would have saved billions of money and saved thousands of animals from facing the threat of extinction.

The case of plastic is just the tip of an ice berg. We have ample of such chaos existing around us

We can solve them if we transfer knowledge as a service and by being true to the respective professions.

For example, if a farmer transfers his knowledge about the ill effects of artificial fertilizers and pesticides, organic farming would bloom at a faster rate. If a scientist accepts the flaws in his invention and transfers the knowledge about it, someone would come up with a fix!

We need to work together in this!

That is why Propel Steps is for!

We have started our journey as a simple blog to share knowledge as it is.

We are in the process of teaming up people, especially young minds with similar thoughts. We are coming up with a working model which can provide education for free of cost!

So that anyone can access it. More the knowledge is transferred, better the world is.

Whom to transfer the knowledge?
Kids are the effective receptors, when we sow the right seeds of thoughts, we will reap the right results!

We initiated a mammoth project at our first step – Voice of Little Hearts – A set of book in 13 languages that addresses the issues being faced by the kids.

We have published a book, ‘Blank space’, our pilot project before ‘Voice of Little Hearts’. We made 100 people to contribute 100 stories to this book.

We have so many other notions which when executed would bring a substantial change to this educational setup making kids to learn and explore a lot at their affordability.

At present, we are working on “Voice of Little Hearts“!!

We are blogging just for you! Nothing gives fulfillment than your feedback. Love your opinion :)

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