Scribbling of the Day : Homeless Birds

Bird's home

A new Villa, a new dawn
His day started
with a lemon tea
and the fragrance of the mist.

There came a guest
He felt the poet in him
“Do you have a home?”
he inquired within.

“Look!” gestured
his guest flapped the wings
and began flying high to show
it’s little home – Earth!

His Villa
shrunk little as a hut.



Beautiful Words : From an Alzheimer Patient

Image Credits : Berkozturk

Image Credits : Berkozturk

Dear Friend,

Oh, how can this be

You and I are losing me.

Some day soon

Maybe morning, Maybe noon

I will no longer be the me

You and I know as me.

I ask, what is happening to me,

And the answer seems to be

Words and thoughts frequently scramble

And my conversations seem to ramble.

O, how can this be

You and I are losing me.

What do you see when you look into my eyes?

And neighbors just to pry?

Confusion, hurt, pity and pain,

For I am ill and not insane.

Oh Lord, help me I pray,

And this is what He seems to say,

“Fear not child, I will come and take you home,

To be with me for all eternity.”

What can we do from losing me?

“Nothing” say the experts.

But in my confused and foggy state,

To you I plea,

“Love me,

Remember me

Help me to be

All that I can be

For as long as I can be

The me we know as me.”

Courtesy & Credits : Originally written by Janis Hogan Aplin

An Invitation to All Writers, Bloggers and Thinkers

Blank Space invite

We cordially invite you to be a part of our debut publishing work “Blank Space” – An anthology-styled book series.

As the title says a ‘Blank Space’ can be filled with anything. We are hopeful to fill it with positive thoughts on various issues in multiple genres like stories, poems, arts and articles. This ‘Volume 1’ of ‘Blank Space’ will emphasize on Short Stories that are ‘Filled with inspiration’

Why “Blank Space”?

1. To spread Positive Vibes by promoting the reading habit among students(special focus), parents and people who hardly spend time on reading. For ardent book readers this will give a whole new experience. Blank Space will be translated into other languages as well and published* (*based on the availability of our associates and translators).

2. We are focusing on reaching students in schools and colleges to cultivate a habit of reading the Appropriate Stuffs, which will help them build a better perspective on the life, so they can groom themselves as a responsible individual. We aim to achieve this by addressing the right issue and creating an interest in them to care for the society. So you can be assured that your work will reach a larger number of people and inspire them.

Apart from the idea of taking this book, we are engaged in conducting various free workshops, training programs on leadership, ambitious thinking, environmental awareness, sustained living, etc. We will be coming up with more events for the students, especially in rural areas of India. If you are interested in knowing more about our works, please contact (or) +91 72000 48566

Positive Vibes – Every good thought seeded in a mind to encourage creation of a good individual and thus a good society 

3. To encourage writers / aspiring writers by creating an ultimately different platform for them to get published, earn money and reputation. More than that we ensure your words impact many lives positively. We purely believe in you and your writing. Your background, experience, fame does not really matters. You may be an amateur writer or someone who never wrote anything before, but you may want to write now, we welcome you.

How it works?

To say briefly – You write according to the proposed topic and guidelines. Send it to us, our team will shortlist, publish it and you can earn as an author. Most importantly the copyright of your work always belongs to you.

Do you need to Pay money?

NO. You don’t need to pay any money. It is absolutely FREE. All you need to do is write your best.

What’s next? 

Since this is for a good cause we hope you will support us. If you choose to contribute as a Writer, then please drop a mail to we will get back to you with more detailed information on how we can proceed further with the present volume.

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We do things positively and proactively focus on actions which will yield results. This is a transparent and a humble request from us.

Be with us. Thank you.

Peace and Love,

Team – Propel Steps

Adore The Same Old Love

LoveThe Inevitable is the change
The change changes ages.
Though faces resistance
The change happens.

There’s one I wish to shield
From change like my child.
Of course I’ve reasons
But the one blooms with none!

Now have a few and ago
Will future, let it a go?
The Inevitable is the Love!
Wish the Change makes a bow.

Let it be the same.
Let it be the old.
The same old LOVE
between two souls.

Bettering has no room
Since Love is the best.
Crossing any extremes and limits
Being together is what it permits.

Some take it for granted
That’s how their Love’s branded
So they formed a term”True Love”
Tell what true, then is a “Love”?

Though there are a few
Like, never fading dew.
With the same old beautiful Love
I adore, please accept my bow!

- Words by Din

Image Courtesy via Google

A Nomadic Itinerary

Nomadic Itinerary

There’s a dream at long odds.
There is he; a freeman.
Free beyond borders,
Just as an Earthling.

Makes “Home Sweet Home”
Wherever he goes.
No one’s a stranger,
in his cherished world.

No tagged nationality
No labeled passports
No religion owns him
Heir?” not him

His nomadic itinerary
Born somewhere,
living here,
tomorrow anywhere.

Walk along, pass smile,
share love, live full!
Yes! He’s just another Earthling;
Like Me, Like You!

                            — Din