Adore The Same Old Love

The Inevitable is the change The change changes ages. Though faces resistance The change happens. There's one I wish to shield From change like my child. Of course I've reasons But the one blooms with none! Now have a few and ago Will future, let it a go? The Inevitable is the Love! Wish the... Continue Reading →

There's a dream at long odds. There is he; a freeman. Free beyond borders, Just as an Earthling. Makes "Home Sweet Home" Wherever he goes. No one's a stranger, in his cherished world. No tagged nationality No labeled passports No religion owns him "Heir?" not him His nomadic itinerary Born somewhere, living here, tomorrow anywhere.... Continue Reading →

It's our eyes versus the vision Gazing at the long horizon of the sea Moving misty white clouds in the blue sky Miniscule-view from a high cliff Sun rise or set witnessed from an airplane A silent walk on the lonely desert Watching no land on a mid ocean And a child's smile for a... Continue Reading →

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