Know : National Anthem | Argentina

The Argentine National Anthem (Spanish: Himno Nacional Argentino) is the national anthem of Argentina. The name of the song originally was Marcha Patriótica (Patriotic March), and was later renamed Canción Patriótica Nacional(National Patriotic Song) and finally Canción Patriótica (Patriotic Song). A copy published in 1847 called it Himno Nacional Argentino and the name has remained ever since. Its lyrics were written by the Buenos Aires-born politician Vicente López y... Continue Reading →

Song of the Week : UNITED : Human Rights

Music written and produced by Chris Thomas, Geoff Levin and Hiroko Hayata. Lyrics and vocals by Charles Gee. Rap variation by Lai Lai If U-N-I-T-E-D  The world would be a better place … you know? As ink pours from my pen, pain pours from my heart Knowin’ there’s kids somewhere that actually starve. Take... Continue Reading →

ReLaX : CoOl FuSiOn MuSiC bY LeXeR

Lexer is a young man from the eastern part of Germany. It`s very tough to present his music in his home area. It's a new style of deep and melancholic pop music and everyone is touched by his special way to produce and play this music.  He is from a new generation of DJ´s who... Continue Reading →

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