Alert! : 27 Effects of Smoking on Body

This Interactive info from Healthline would be an eye opener for many. We all knew it “Smoking is injurious to health” But how?

Click on the image below or this link to go to their page where you can this interactive chart allowing the reader to pick the side effect they want to learn more about.

27 effects smoking

Courtesy & Source: Maggie Danhakl & Healthline

When Their Ducklings Disappeared, They Assumed The Worst….

🙂 Cat Mom and Duck Kittens

Kindness Blog


Ronan and Emm Lally own a small farm in Ireland that they run alongside their day jobs. They had a lovely collection of animals but wanted some ducks to complete the picture.  On the day their ducklings hatched, Ronan went to check on them and could not find them anywhere. 

Ronan and Emm Lally own a small farm in Ireland that they run alongside their day jobs. They had a lovely collection of animals but wanted some ducks to complete the picture.

When they finally found them and saw their cat Della had gotten to them first, they assumed the worst.  Instead, they discovered something amazing. 


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Baby Baboon’s Amazing Encounter with Lions

This is one of the most remarkable wildlife interactions , the photographs are amazing, but it’s the touching behaviour of the animals involved that makes this story so unique.

Photographer Evan Schiller and Lisa Holzwarth were on a game drive in the northern Botswana’s Selinda area when they came across a big troop of baboons charging through the bush.

lion baboon

Click here to see what happened next… (reblog from NGC)

Courtesy : National Geographic (reblogged)

Are You Better at Science Than the Average American?


We make it a point to know the basics about some things. American history, say: thirteen colonies; manifest destiny, blah, blah, blah. Ditto sports: Babe Ruth, baseball; Magic Johnson, basketball. Check. But science? Not so much. It’s not just the recent National Science Foundation study showing that 1 in 4 Americans does not know the Earth orbits the sun (spoiler alert: it does), or those who haven’t yet gotten the memo that Pluto is not a planet (really, it’s not, move on Pluto partisans).

It’s a whole final exam worth of basic stuff that we truly ought to know to be good science citizens—of the universe, not just of the world. See how you score on this list of Ten Things You Really Should Have Learned By Now and If You Haven’t It’s Definitely Time You Start.

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Why ‘Science’ Deserves Its Popularity

Science & Space

A friend of mine told me this fantastic joke recently: Werner Heisenberg is driving down the highway and a police officer stops him. “Sir, do you know you’re going 82 m.p.h.?” the officer asks. “Thanks a lot!” Heisenberg snaps. “Now I’m lost.”

So, um, get it? Because Heisenberg was the legendary German physicist? The one who concluded that you can know either the momentum of a particle or its location, but not both — at least not precisely? I know, I know, it’s a good one. You’re welcome.

All right, so maybe Werner Heisenberg jokes won’t be the best icebreaker the next time you go out, but here’s the thing: you’d probably have a slightly easier time getting a laugh this year than you would last, because physics jokes are funny only if you grasp a little bit about physics — and science in general — in the first…

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