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Blank Space welcomes… Namita Sunder

Namita mam

“Blogging is not just to express ourselves or to share some information, it also brings in some wonderful humans into our life. Namita Ma’am is such a wise person, whom I got to know via blogging. On a good day, we were introduced via a comment, gradually she become a well-wisher, whom I regard as a mentor.

She was one of the early supporters of Blank Space initiative. All she considered was “why we aim to publish such a book!” She believed in the purpose behind Blank Space to instill positivity in the minds of youth, which can make our society a better place.

For Alice like us, in the wonderland of publishing, it is the trust from a few people like her, which helps us to keep going.”

– Din

Her Story:

“Morning Puppies” is like a ray of hope of kindness in this fast moving world. The sunlight can’t be stopped by the hindering clouds, so as the little kids, we can’t stop them from being kind. This misty dawn story will surely touch your heart as soft as a puppy’s fur.”

Her Profile:
Namita Sunder had worked with a nationalized bank for more than 20 years. After taking VRS from the bank, she keeps herself engaged in writing, reading and giving free tuition to needy kids. She writes both in Hindi and English.

She blogs here and

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Blank Space welcomes : Preethi Venugopal

Preethi Venugopal

A compassionate human being and a concerned sister, whom I got to know via blogging. Preethi Venugopal is a civil engineer by profession and a blogger and artist by passion. She loves books and creates beautiful things by recycling used materials. After a decade working in many prestigious Civil Engineering works, she has taken a sabbatical from work to become a full-time mom. She loves to dabble in fiction, poetry and art on her blog

Unveiling The Ghost Editor 🙂 Preethi started supporting us as an Editor, along with Barun, however, she had begun in incognito mode. Now we wish to surprise her friends and everyone by unveiling that she was the one who had fine tuned their stories to perfection as an editor. She puts herself on the shoes of the readers as well as the writers, while editing the stories and that’s the secret of her work, which got her appreciations from many contributing authors of Blank Space.

Her Story for Blank Space : Eternal Love

She has also penned a story for Blank Space, “Eternal Love”- a Beautiful and an Inspiring love story, which talks about values like understanding, trust and faith, one should have in any successful relationship. This is especially for teens in our society who get confused about love and what true love is all about. The poetic love story speaks about how love travels beyond the perception of human awareness. Many of us call Love “Eternal” But why? Preethi’s story has the answers…

Her Works : She is a published author who made her debut in the anthology ‘The Second Life’ by Write India Publishers. (Buy a copy here). She has also won many blogging contests.

We wish her all the best for her works and future endeavours 🙂 – Team – Propel Steps.

Blank Space : Announcing the list of 100 Writers

Our initiative, Blank Space has now reached the penultimate stage. We have finalized the 100 writers of 100 inspirational short stories. We are blissful to announce the league of 100 writers.

Blank Space writers Final

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list of writers

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Blank Space mirror variant

Blank Space is an anthology of 100 inspirational short stories by 100 people, on various genres and topics, with inspiration is the common thread. The book is expected to be published soon.

Blank Space Welcomes… Barun Bajracharya


Hailing from Nepal, the coolest part of the Himalayas, Barun Bajracharya carries the same cool character, right from our first interaction. We had no idea of working together for Blank Space, except the fact that he is one of the hundred wonderful contributing writers of our anthology; he contributed a beautiful story for our book. Now Barun is the Editor for Blank Space and has become an integral part of the team.

As we mentioned earlier, it is an uphill task for Blank Space and Propel Steps right from the beginning. With no publishing expertise, we dared to enter it, just with sheer inspiration and a vision. At times a few people showed us the dark sides of demons and devils in the world of publishing. Thanks to them, we found a good human being like Barun, who not just joined us as an Editor, but as a good companion who understands the aim behind our initiative and supports us. He has lifted the zeal of the team higher, with his passion and continuing the same. We are thankful to him for sharing his expertise with a budding organization like Propel Steps.

His Profile : He is an Author, a Poet and an Editor. He works as a Communication Officer for a USAID Project and an Editor at PEN Point (literary journal). He is also the youngest member of PEN International Nepal Chapter and Traditional Poetry Writers Association of the World. In October 2013, he traveled to South Korea to represent Nepal in the general conference of Traditional Poetry Writers Association Of The World, attended by 9 countries, where he earned appreciation for his poems.

His Works : Author of Sins of Love and contributing author of six short story anthologies: Love and Passion, The Truth Beneath The Rose, The Zest of Inklings, You, Me and Zindagi 2, Once Upon A Time, and Samyako Sapana. His several poems, short stories, travelogues, haiku, sijo and articles have been published in national dailies and international journals such as The Himalayan Times, The Katmandu Post, PEN Point, Of Nepalese Clay, Wave Magazine, Thematic Literary Magazine, and so on.