Story : We’re Cowards

1_treeWe spotted him standing alone in the darkness. With no weapons to defend himself.

He was tall, stout and strong but an idiot who follows non-violence. Those who can’t fight back were our prey by default.

We poached to attack, chop-off, kill and rob him.

“Get the saw, cut the tree” the boss ordered us.


Story : 55 Fiction : End of Her Days

Old Well

“How life changed in dribs and drabs?” she ruminated about her good old days.

People stopped coming around. Even the ones she raised within had abandoned her.

Loneliness at ageing left no option, but to console herself. The old traditional well awaited an untoward funeral, on her very own mother earth’s lap, with no water.

– Din

Story : Some 55 Fictions I Wrote…

Echoes of the Past

Echoes of the Past

Her squealing faded as she continued to fall down the bridge. He woke up suddenly, screaming her name.

Some deep breath relieved him, when he realised that was a dream.

With love, he called her mobile, “The number you have dialled does not exist”.

A sneaking tear drop reminded him that she was no more.

Love Birds’ Nest

Love Birds Net

“Ma… Pa… Open your eyes slowly” his journalist sister told.

Their life was full of hardships, however all the toil turned into treasure, when he become a Doctor, not their wish, but his passion.

The lovely couple saw each other’s face and also their children’s faces for the first time. Love was not blind anymore.



Her ‘sotto voce’ lullaby filled the silence melodiously. Her baby closed her twinkling eyes, slowly. She paused to kiss on her little tender fingers.

She resumed her song again, leaning on his chest. He gently stroked her hair.

He had waited for years to listen to his mother’s unheard lullaby, in his wife’s motherly voice.

Tulips’ Blood

Tulips Blood

“Chilling breeze hailed from snowy mountains always arrived silently at our doors to tell ‘Good Morning’.

I never saw a beautiful place on earth like our village, full of Tulips gardens.

Believe! Flowers smile at you, just keep your soul’s eyes open.

One midnight, they moved us out of our village…”

– A Kashmir Guy

Rays of Clouds

Rays of Cloud

Hiding the sun’s rays, the clouds began to emit rays of water. The kids sprinted to their classroom from the playground and escaped the rain.

But, he continued walking outside. Heavy showers drenched his school bag. “Pay the fees or never come back” the voice continued to echo along with thunders.

Do clouds also cry?

 A She-Kite

She Kite

I always felt jealous about the flying birds and I knew they had an eye on my vibrant colours. Moments ago I was owned by a man, attached to a string. I was not a caged bird.

But, I am also a free bird now, flying at will, thanking the turbulence that cut the string!

The Shadow of a Flower

Shadow of a flower

When everyone saw a happy guy in him, she observed the sad shadow that followed him everywhere. She couldn’t stop herself from loving him after understanding him.

“Why should flowers always be compared to a girl?” she thought after seeing that plucked flower in the vase. Maybe someone adored him once had let him down.

The Farewell


For him, it was strange to walk around the park unnoticed, especially by kids.

One last time, he decided to wear his mascot costume and appeared before them. The thrilled kids crowded him, in seconds.

He was in tears of happiness but still smiled outside as the mascot, which he had done for 40-long years.

 – Din

Story : 55 Fiction : “Bitch”


She searched everywhere for her abducted kids, ignoring the pain of clotted-milk in her breasts. Hearing a cry, she stopped. But she found a human baby in the garbage. Motherly instinct, she guarded the girl child from other dogs. Some human mother had thrown her child! Poor world calls them both equally as “a Bitch”.

– Din


Story : 55 Fiction : Serial Killer

serial killerMosquitoes’ hissing pierced the silence of the parking lot.

Lisa tiptoed towards her car thinking “Night shows? Not anymore!”

She clutched the door to open.

The power went off.

A red eyed machete man approached her from behind slowly…

He grabbed the remote from his mother “I want to watch IPL” and killed the serial!

– Din