Flowers love gentle breeze, so as the children. But, neither the flowers nor the little children know to demand such a love. It's we who need to understand their soul is as soft as the petals and decide whether to be a gentle breeze of love or a shattering storm of anger. - Din Image... Continue Reading →

Short Story : My Name is Chocolate

'My Name is Chocolate' is a story about a naughty house cat and Parker his pal. When Parker returned home he saw all his project papers shredded, he got furious over it. Bad time for his two year old Chocolate! Yes, that's his cat's name. As usual, Chocolate sensed his return and rushed to the... Continue Reading →

Powerful Quote #111 : Unclear Mind

When you are angry or stressed try to write down exactly what you think, if you write something wrong strike out and write again! You probably will end up striking out all what you write! Because you cannot think properly and express what you actually intend in your mind, imagine how worse it could be if... Continue Reading →

Be happy by forgiving or forgetting or doing both, but we can gain no happiness by holding grudges. - Word by Din  Image courtesy : Related articles Blog 7 Forgiveness ( Forgiveness ( Grudges Vs. Growth ( Have You Really Forgiven That Person Who Wronged You? ( How to Let Go of a Grudge ( Continue Reading →

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