Book : Love in the era of confusion

Love in the era of confusion is an anthology, brought about to bring smiles to your lips, forget the day to day grind, relax with the book and keep smiling. I feel proud to say that a story by me is also amongst the many awesome stories. We aim at making you smile.

– Rajni Sinha 

Rajini Sinha

In this “Books” Section, we are glad to feature the other books written by the Authors who had contributed their stories for our upcoming anthology Blank Space as a token of our love and gratitude. 

Best Wishes 🙂 – Team – Propel Steps.
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Book : The Second Life

The Second Life

“There comes a moment in your life when you feel terribly vulnerable, helpless without any hope and faith, and alas you forget the fact – your helplessness can never leave you irreparably shattered. Trust me, sometimes at this very moment, ‘newness’ from nowhere will intervene in your life and change everything. Just everything. That newness brings in front of you a more inspirational and exciting journey known as THE SECOND LIFE.

An Awesome compilation of unique stories and they titled it so apt as The Second Life. Take my words some characters of the stories will not leave you forever. The writers have given their best works here, you will echo my views when you read the stories.

You can get the book here (Click)

Here is the list of the Authors and their respective stories

1. Aathira Jim- ‘I am Sita’
2. Aayesha Hakim- ‘In the Classroom of Life’
3. Abhik Chakraborty- ‘The hug of Ishwar and Allah’
4. Anirootha K R- ‘Everything happens for a reason’
5. Archana Mishra- ‘The Blanket’
6. Deepti Menon- ‘Jasmine at the doorstep’
7. Garima Behal- ‘Thank you, Samar’
8. J. Alchem- ‘The Highway man’
9. Madhurima Halder- ‘The girl with a glass of cocktail’
10. Nalini Chandran- ‘Faith can move mountains’
11. Neha Somani- ‘The Long Winding Corridor’
12. Preethi Venugopal- ‘The Arabian Dream’
13. Preeti Singh- ‘A mother’s miracle’
14. Prity S Pujari- ‘Love is for beginners’
15. Renuka Vishwanathan- ‘When love has gone’
16. Saral Joshi- ‘Yes!’
17. Shrruti Patole Clarence- ‘A daughter’s diary’
18. Shruti Fatehpuria- ‘Wildrose and Snowflake’
19. Shubham Singh- ‘That kid in the corner’
20. Shubhi Mehrotra- ‘A piece of paper’
21. Smriti Mahale- ‘Through her eyes’
22. Somya Singh- ‘Joy to the world’
23. Sunanya Pal- ‘Khushboo- the fragrance of Kindness’
24. Swagnikaa Roy- ”Phoenix”
25. Trippayar Sahasranaman Priyaa- ‘A thing of beauty’

In this “Books” Section, we are glad to feature the other books written by the Authors who had contributed their stories for our upcoming anthology Blank Space as a token of our love and gratitude. 
Best Wishes 🙂 – Team – Propel Steps.
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Blank Space welcomes… Ruchi Chopra

RUCHI22Ruchi is an Akshaya Patra of smiles and positive energy 🙂 Right from the very first interaction via blogs, she has given us a lot of cheers and thumbs up than anyone else. The special thing about her is she just not keep the positive attitude with her but also spreads it to you. I wonder how she manages to share time to all sincerely, be it a little kind act of sharing her encouraging comments for blog posts, or any discussions, she rarely missed to give a pat on shoulders. If you knew her already, you must be synonymous about her.

Her Story for Blank Space: ‘Heart of Stone’ is a ‘close to heart’ story that she wrote for her daughters to make them understand the values of persistence & patience in life. She has given life to a stone in this story and let us live alongside with it. Most of us will get tired or feel given up hope at times, but she instills us to have a heart of the stone to come out successful.

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Her Profile: She is a homemaker by choice and freelance writer by passion, based in Cleveland, Ohio. She did her Post-Graduate Diploma in Mass Communications with a specialization in E-journalism. She has previously worked for Broadcasting Media Organization, Sahara Samay National, in India, for 3 years including her brief pursuit as a Freelance Journo for Regional monthly Hindi Magazine, India Inside, in India.

She has written the Title story for her first published Anthology “ HER STORY: Is Not Always a Story”. She has recently scripted for one social corporate documentary for a plywood company. She contributes articles & editorials to various social networking websites, newspapers, and magazines. The passionate lover of Mother Nature and Photography expressed that writing gives her a creative space to express herself and extended her gratitude to her lovely family, friends & mentors for their leap of faith in her capabilities.

She blogs here

We wish her all the best for her works and future endeavours.
– Team, Propel Steps

Blank Space : Announcing the list of 100 Writers

Our initiative, Blank Space has now reached the penultimate stage. We have finalized the 100 writers of 100 inspirational short stories. We are blissful to announce the league of 100 writers.

Blank Space writers Final

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list of writers

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Blank Space is an anthology of 100 inspirational short stories by 100 people, on various genres and topics, with inspiration is the common thread. The book is expected to be published soon.

Update : Blank Space : 30 more Stories to go…


We take this special moment to thank everyone who has contributed their stories for Blank Space – Filled with Inspiration, an anthology of 100 short stories by 100 people around the globe. We are so thankful to you from deep within our soul. We owe our sincere gratitude, especially for your patience and revamping support that have given, to fine tune the stories. 

We have reached 70% of the selection and we never thought it would be possible for a debutant publisher like us. All we can say is that our passion behind this initiative and your support are the only reason, which made this possible. Just 30 more stories to go to complete the selections. So we are extending the final date of submission to 15th of August 2014, also, many writers asked us for some time. Even we need time to spend our quality time with each writer, communicating the feedback and make Blank Space as best as we can. 

Note : A few of you may be awaiting for our selection feedback. We apologize for the delay in the feedback if happened. For sure every entrant will get the feedback personally from me.

Those who has mailed your story on or before 28th July, will get the feedback on or before 23:59hrs IST (today) and those who send their entries from 29th July onwards to 8th August shall get the feedback on or before 10th August.

All entries after 10th August shall get the feedback only on August 16th.

You can get more details by mailing here , where you can also send your entries. 

All you need to do is write a short story which will give some inspiration to the reader. You can choose any theme as you wish like love, life, education, humanity, environment, etc. literally anything which will leave a positive vibe. Also you can choose your genre freely as you wish like fiction, real story, etc. (Previously published stories on your blog can also be send as entries)
Word limits: Max 1000 words, but if needed it can be flexible with more words. There is no minimum words limit, however we suggest keeping it as a short story, unlike a few lined flash fiction.
Jargon free and simple read: 
You try your best to keep the words less complex for the readers to understand, because many people are scared away from books because of this. Of course, we wish you show your writing skills, in terms of expression and feelings. Meanwhile, we together need to commit simplicity to the reader. No need to stress much about this if you can’t help with this, our editor will do it. 
Format : Send as Word Document. (.doc or .docx)
Mandatory Info Needed : (within the word document itself) 
  • Full Name : 
  • Publish as (Pen name) : Mention only if you prefer any other pen name.
  • A short bio about you : Max 60 words.
  • Email Id (will be printed) : 
  • Blog or website Address (will be printed)
- Din