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If you are following our blog you must be know this section we blog regularly “Earth our Home too”.

What we try to convey is that every species has its own beauty, a role to play in this world and most importantly they deserve a chance to live as we do. Please share a word with your friends about animals, you can share these posts anywhere you want with your family and friends using any social media. After all, if we do not care for our animal friends who will do it then?

You may be in Africa or America or Europe or Carribeans, that does not matter, one positive thought can inspire another when shared. Let’s do it. Feel free to contact us to share any useful information that  you have on our blog. We do not charge money 😉 but your continued love and support 🙂

The Monarch butterfly

Earth Our Home too : Monarch Butterflies

Butterfly Fish

Earth our Home too : The Red Gurnard – Butterfly Fish

Cute Snail

Earth Our Home Too : Snail

Patrick The Pit Bull

Earth Our Home Too : Patrick the Miracle Dog’s Story


Earth Our Home too : Baby Parrots

Panda (9)

Earth Our Home too : Gaint Panda

Li Zongwen

Earth Home for us too : Stray Dogs’ Saviour – Li Zongwen


Earth is Our Home Too : Tigers

Mimic Octopus

Earth our Home too : Mimic Octopus


Earth our Home too : Turtles

Lunch Time: A Squirrel and A Jungle Babbler Tastes a Mango - This is a usual scene in our backyard. They never fight each other and share the food we offer :)

Earth our Home too : Jungle Babblers’ Bath Tub 🙂 Video


Earth Our Home Too : 25 Intelligent Animals




Earth Our Home too : Baby Parrots

Wildlife are hunted down for consumption or for sale in the India eastern state of Nagaland. Hunters can make a good living, with some bred for food or to be sold as pets. These baby parrots, photographed by Caisii Mao via Sipa USA, are seen after they were caught and preserved by a local hunter and for sale at a private residence in Dimapur, India north eastern state of Nagaland.
Baby Parrots meet each other after they were caught and preserved by local hunters for sale. Parrots, are among the most intelligent birds, and the ability of some species to imitate human voices enhances their popularity as pets. 

Meeting each other






Image Credits & Courtesy : Caisii Mao/NurPhoto/Sipa USA