Know : List of Plants – A

Here is the list of plants with their Common Name, Botanical Name and Pictures This post features all plants with common names starting with 'A' Alder – Alnus Alder is particularly noted for its important symbiotic relationship with Frankia alni, an actinomycete, filamentous, nitrogen-fixing bacterium. This bacterium is found in root nodules, which may be... Continue Reading →

If there weren’t any mushrooms, our world would be one medium garbage dump. Mushrooms play an important role in the world by breaking down plant and animal material. Mushrooms are fungi. Fungi are as uniquely different from plants as plants are from animals. In fact, fungi and animals are now in the same super-kingdom, Opisthokonta.... Continue Reading →

Earth Our Home Too : Bearded Tit Birds

This is a small orange-brown bird with a long tail and an undulating flight. The male has a grey head and black moustaches (not a beard). Flocks often betray their presence in a reedbed by their characteristic "ping" call. The Bearded Reedling (Panurus biarmicus) is a small, sexually dimorphic reed-bed passerine bird. It is frequently known as the Bearded Tit, due to... Continue Reading →

Know : List of Sciences and Studies

S.No Word Definition 1 Acarology The study of ticks and mites 2 Accidence Grammar book; science of inflections in grammar 3 Aceology Therapeutics 4 Acology The study of medical remedies 5 Acoustics Science of sound 6 Actinobiology The study of the effects of radiation upon living organisms 7 Actinology The study of the effect of... Continue Reading →

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